Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy and Marie du Feu

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Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy


This tree was added in 2010 and has been comprehensively reviewed on a number of occasions since by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes


Major Arthur Labey de Gruchy, generation 5


Piece Mauger, home to this branch of the de Gruchys and their Pallot descendants from 1728

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  • 1 Thomas de Gruchy (1708-1792) [1] m (1752, Tr) Marie du Feu (1726-1799) daughter of Nicolas and Marie Le Riche
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy (1753-1757)
    • 2 Philippe de Gruchy (1755- ) m (1793, St S) [2] Elizabeth de Gruchy (1765-1827) [3]
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1794-1851) [4] m (1820, St H) Marguerite Nicolle daughter of Philippe [5]
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1820-1855) m Marie Sophie Binet daughter of Thomas [6] and Marie Hocquard
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1849- ) m John Pallot [7]
          • 5 Marguerite de Gruchy (1852- ) m Unknown Binet
          • 5 Philippe de Gruchy (1854-1869)
          • 5 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1856-1912) m Charles de la Lande Perchard
        • 4 Marguerite de Gruchy (1824-1844)
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1832-1848)
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1796-1875) [8] m 1 (1820, Tr) Sophie de Gruchy daughter of Thomas of Trinity and Rachel Remon
        • 4 Sophie Julie de Gruchy (1820-1881) m (1851, St S) Jean Quérée
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1824-1902) m George Blampied
      • 2nd wife of Jean de Gruchy, (1827, St H) Jeanne de Gruchy
        • 4 Jeanne Marguerite de Gruchy (1826- )
        • 4 Mary Ann de Gruchy (1831- ) m Charles Marett
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1833-1901) [9] m Elizabeth Cabot ( -bef 1901)
          • 5 Elize de Gruchy (1880-1881)
          • 5 Elize de Gruchy (1883-1949) [10] m (1904, St S) George Dorey, [11] Centenier of Trinity (Descendants: de Gruchy Dorey, of La Chasse, Trinity)
          • 5 Louisa de Gruchy (1884- ) m (1910, St B) John Huelin Gibaut [12]
          • 5 Ada de Gruchy (1885?-1956) [13]
        • 4 Susanne de Gruchy (1836- ) m (1863, St J) Jean Mauger
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1838- )
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1798-1867) m (1830, St H) Thomas Cabot
      • 3 Marie de Gruchy (1801-1860) m (1830, St H) George Renouf of St Martin
      • 3 Thomas de Gruchy (1807-1886) [14] m (1830, St H) Douce Renouf (1811-1888) daughter of Thomas [15] and Anne, nee Billot daughter of Philippe
        • 4 Anne de Gruchy (1831- ) m Edouard Le Cornu
        • 4 Thomas de Gruchy (1833-1894) [16] m (1871, Melbourne, Aus) Marianne Jones ( -1939) [17]
          • 5 Margaret Effie de Gruchy (1871- ) m (1896, Leytonstone) Robert Williams
          • 5 Thomas Harold de Gruchy (1873-1960) [18] m (1900, Essex) Lily Forge
            • 6 Thomas Rex de Gruchy (1901-1983) [19] m (1927, West Ham) Hilda Corrick
              • 7 Eileen Hazel de Gruchy (1929- ) m (1953, Essex) Roy Ellis
              • 7 Iris Avila de Gruchy (1934- ) m (1957, Essex) Thomas Smith
            • 6 Stella de Gruchy (1903- )
            • 6 Norman Douglas de Gruchy (1907- ) [20] m (1928, Hants) Clara Cook
              • 7 Lilian Amy de Gruchy (1930- )
              • 7 Stella Clare de Gruchy (1932- )
            • 6 Mary Avila de Gruchy (1913- ) m (1945, Mx) Reginald Bull
            • 6 Avril de Gruchy (1920-1985)
          • 5 Kathleen Maud de Gruchy (1875- ) [21] m (1901, Essex) Sidney Herbert Frost
          • 5 Amy Douglas de Gruchy (1877-1968) [22]
          • 5 William Geary de Gruchy (1883- ) OBE [23] m (1910, Eng) Doris Ida Palmley daughter of William Charles
            • 6 Jack William de Gruchy (1911-1998) [24] m (NZ) Sheila Margaret Graham [25]
            • 6 Richard Geary de Gruchy [26]
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1836-1869) [27]
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1838-1903) m (1867, St Mt) Thomas de Gruchy of Surville, St Martin
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1840- ) [28]
        • 4 Charles de Gruchy (1842-1865) [29]
        • 4 Edouard de Gruchy (1845-1925) [30] m (1874, St Mt) Louisa Buesnel (1847- ), daughter of Philippe [31] (St Mt)
          • 5 Louise Frances Margaret de Gruchy (1875-1943) [32] unm.
          • 5 Edouard Francois Renouf de Gruchy (1878-1945) [33]</ref> m (1910, St H) Emmeline Louisa Trachy (1881- ) (St P) daughter of Philip [34] and Louisa Mary, nee Horman
            • 6 Edward Clarence de Gruchy (1912- ) [35]
          • 5 Eva Carrie de Gruchy (1880-1966) unm.
          • 5 Philip Buesnel de Gruchy (1885- ) [36] m (1917, St H) Ethel May Sanders, daughter of John (Deryshire)
            • 6 Enid May de Gruchy (1922-2005) [37]
          • 5 Mabel Jane de Gruchy (1886-1948)
        • 4 George Charles de Gruchy (1848-1915) (St P) [38] m (1873, St Mt) Jane Esther Noel
          • 5 George Noel de Gruchy (1875-1939) [39] m (1909, St B) Alice Mallet Le Bas (1874-1944) (St B) daughter of John Frederick and Rachel Betsey, nee Mallet
            • 6 George Le Bas de Gruchy (1909-1971) m Hilda Slous [40]
            • 6 Joyce de Gruchy (1914- ) m Gerald Buesnel
            • 6 Alexander Noel de Gruchy (1915-2007) m Marjorie Lilian Le Marinel ( -2001) [41]
            • 6 Dora Alice de Gruchy (1916-1971) m (1939, St O) Donald Jack Le Marquand [42]
          • 5 Dora Mary de Gruchy (1877-1957) m (1903, St S) George Green [43]
          • 5 Frank Charles de Gruchy (1878- ) [44] m Anna Unknown
          • 5 Thomas Philip de Gruchy (1881- ) [45]
          • 5 Edward Capples de Gruchy (1881-1929) [46]
        • 4 Marguerite Elizabeth de Gruchy (1851-1925)
        • 4 François de Gruchy (1852-1940) [47] m (1879, St S) Clara Elizabeth Labey ( -1929) daughter of Thomas of La Fontaine, Grouville
          • 5 Francis Arthur Labey de Gruchy (1883-1970) [48] m (1910, Bombay, India) Josephine Pagan, ( -1966), daughter of John [49]
            • 6 Mary Elizabeth de Gruchy (1913- ) [50] m (1938, St P) Gordon Stewart Newham Richardson [51]
          • 5 Ethel Clara de Gruchy ( -1931)
          • 5 Amy Hammond de Gruchy (1888-1910) [52] m (1910) Charles Augustus Nelson Hume-Spry [53]
      • 3 Douce de Gruchy (1810- ) m (1840, Tr) Jean Godfray
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy (1757-1840) m (1779, Tr) Esther de Gruchy
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1783-1863) Revd. [54] m (1800, Tr) Marie de Gruchy
        • 4 Marie Esther de Gruchy (1800-1805)
        • 4 Rachel de Gruchy (1803-1805)
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1805-1876) [55] m (1826, Tr) Sophie Falle
          • 5 Sophie de Gruchy (1827-1871)
          • 5 Jean de Gruchy (1828-1865) [56] m (1859, St S) Sophia Amelia Sprake
            • 6 Flora Amelia de Gruchy (1863- ) m (1881, St Mt) Henry Vardon of St Martin
          • 5 Jane de Gruchy (1831- )
          • 5 William Falle de Gruchy (1852- ) [57] m (1872, Tr) Rachel Jane du Fresne (1848-1931) [58]
            • 6 Anne Rachel de Gruchy (1872- ) m (1895, St H) John Daniel Le Sueur
            • 6 Delicia de Gruchy (1873- ) m (1898, St H) Edward Alfred Queen, printer
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1807- )
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1809- ) [59] m (1829, Tr) Esther Amy
        • 2nd wife of Philippe de Gruchy, Elizabeth Starck
          • 5 Philippe de Gruchy (1860- ) [60] m (1882, St Ouen) Rachel Renouf
        • 4 Pierre de Gruchy (1812- ) m (1836, Tr) Anne de Gruchy
          • 5 Anne de Gruchy (1838-liv 1899)
          • 5 Marie Emilie de Gruchy (1840-1930) [61] m (1840, St H) Jean Beaucamp
          • 5 Pierrre Philippe de Gruchy (1841-1863)
          • 5 Elvina Mary de Gruchy (1842- )
          • 5 Jane Caroline de Gruchy (1843-liv 1899)
          • 5 Lydia Rachel de Gruchy (1845-1888)
          • 5 Louisa Ann de Gruchy (1847-1899) [62]
          • 5 Sophie de Gruchy (1851-1852)
        • 4 Lydie Elizabeth de Gruchy (1813-1868) m (1842, St S) Charles Payn
    • 2 Marie de Gruchy (1759-1833)
    • 2 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1761- )
    • 2 Rachel de Gruchy (1763- )
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy (1766-1819) m (1792, Tr) Jeanne de Gruchy

Notes and references

  1. Of Piece Mauger, Trinity. Datestones on the property: TDG ♥ MDF 1751 and TDG ♥ MDF 1765
  2. 1800 datestone at Piece Mauger, Trinity
  3. Elizabeth de Gruchy of Maison du Buisson, Maufant, was the younger sister and co-heiress of Abbé Matthieu de Gruchy, executed in revolutionary France, 1797, as a French royalist spy
  4. Of Piece Mauger, Trinity; died as a result of a fall from his horse
  5. Of Ville à l'Eveque, Trinity
  6. Of Maison du Buisson
  7. Of Piece Mauger
  8. Purchased from Philippe de Gruchy La Chasse, Rozel, the senior de Gruchy property (1847)
  9. Of La Chasse, Trinity in 1901
  10. Eldest daughter: inherited La Chasse, Trinity at the age of eight on the death of her father in 1901
  11. Son of Francis, Farmer
  12. Louisa`s family do not appear to have been Anglican. She and John Gibaut farmed at Augrès Farm, Trinity. Ada de Gruchy witnessed their wedding
  13. Of Coburg House
  14. Born at Piece Mauger, which his family had owned for many generations, Thomas (a younger son) bought in 1837 Le Câtel Farm, Rue de la Falaise, Trinity, where he farmed. Regrettably, he had to sell the property in 1849 and was subsequently tenant of Le Ménage, Rozel, which he nicknamed Ménage du Tâcher, meaning the household of many tasks and endeavours. Thomas lost the tenancy and finally lived near St Martin`s Church, farming two small fields and working part-time as a carpenter. All of his sons sought a career away from the land, mostly at sea.
  15. Of La Fosse, Rozel; Harbourmaster, Rozel
  16. Master mariner, Star of Bengal, settled in Walthamstow, England
  17. Died on 1 October 1939 in her 96th year at East Sheen, late of Melbourne
  18. Latterly of Croydon
  19. Quartermaster, Merchant Navy (1922), described as blue-eyed, brown-haired and 5 foot 8 inches tall
  20. Further education lecturer; retired to Tenerife; living 1990. Hewas leaning on his front gate one evening in Tenerife, admiring the view. A friendly tourist, desirous to engage a local in conversation, approached him. There ensued an extraordinary conversation. The stranger greeted him speaking slowly in English, to which he replied in the same language. The stranger introduced himself as being a "Mr de Gruchy", to which Norman replied "So am I". "Not from Jersey?" said the astonished tourist, to which Norman replied "Indirectly - yes, I am": Anecdote from the friendly stranger himself, the late Mr Harold de Gruchy of Hara-Una, St John`s Road, Jersey, to the author of these notes (1990s)
  21. Born at sea
  22. Administrative assistant, War Office
  23. William Geary de Gruchy, of the Shipowners` Provision Pool, Ministry of Food, was awarded the OBE in 1920 for services rendered to the country during the Great War. He lived in Mortlake, Surrey and was a director of Port Lines, which he represented in Australia and New Zealand. He settled in the latter country
  24. Of Taupo, New Zealand; educated Auckland; general manager, Meat Export Development Company of New Zealand
  25. One son and two daughters
  26. Living 1936, Sydney, Australia
  27. Master mariner (Certificate 33.384). Philippe went to sea as a 'boy' in 1852, aboard Royal George, owned and captained by the family`s close neighbour, Jean de Gruchy of Ville Machon, Trinity. He then served aboard Arcana and Sophia, both Jersey vessels, becoming by 1854 an ordinary seaman. He was then a member of the crew of foreign-going United Kingdom-owned ships, until 1861. He gained his only mate`s certificate on 21 February 1865, becoming mate aboard two Jersey ships, Whydah and the de Gruchy, Renouf and Clement-owned Circassian. From 1866 to 1867 he was mate of the London vessel, Maid of Honour. On 10 October 1867 he gained his master`s certificate. He was drowned at sea in 1869
  28. The Rev J A Messervy's Notice sur la Famille de Gruchy,(1920), mentions Jean as having died without issue. The partage (RP 396/126) of the inheritance of his sister, Marguerite Elizabeth de Gruchy (1851-1925), who died without issue, confirms that he, his brothers Philippe and Charles, all died without heirs
  29. He gained his second mate`s certificate on 28 February 1865,but was drowned later that year
  30. Of Sydenham House, St Helier, 1896
  31. Proprietor
  32. Of Sydenham House, will proved 1943
  33. Of Sydenham House, painter and decorator; Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, serving from 1917-1919. His Service Record declares that his dependents were his wife and one son, Edward Clarence de Gruchy
  34. Farmer
  35. Clerk, 1941
  36. Served in Great War as a private, Royal Fusiliers. His daughter`s obituary, below, gives him as having been the Manager of Laurens` hardware store
  37. Head Teacher, St Martin`s School. Enid`s obituary in the Jersey Evening Post, (29 January 2005) gives her schooling as having been at the Girls` Collegiate School and that "she grew up wanting to be a teacher and applied to go to Cheltenham to train as a teacher after finishing school, but the Occupation came and she could not leave the Island. Instead ... she taught as an unqualified teacher at Halkett Place School. When the Occupation was over, she went to Cheltenham and did her teacher training. She later taught at St Saviour`s School, then took up the post of head teacher at St Martin`s School in 1964." It also mentions that, an only child, "throughout her life she showed great devotion to her parents. She looked after her mother when she was ill and was a very unselfish, devoted daughter." She was a keen athlete, from her own time at school, and was for forty years secretary of the Primary Schools` Athletics Section of the Jersey Schools` Sports Association. A caring person, "she would send everyone who took part in events, including the children competing, individual...handwritten...thank-you letters." In retirement, she took up skiing and would visit Arinsal, in Andorra, each year for that purpose and would also take an annual cruise. She died in her hotel in Andorra, aged 83
  38. Master mariner, then Inspector of Foreign Cattle. J Jean could find few details of his sea-going career, Jersey Sailing Ships (Phillimore, 1982) but this was perhaps a result of de Gruchy having been a London master before returning to Jersey. He was from 1865-1866 ship`s carpenter aboard the Jersey-owned Ocean Queen. From 1866 to 1870 he served aboard the London vessel Ernestine, first as an able seaman and then as third mate. He gained his second mate`s certificate on 26 May 1870, his first mate`s certificate on 8 December 1871 and his master`s certificate (92715) on 16 April 1874. During this time he lived in Stepney and elsewhere in East London. He left the sea for a land-based job in Jersey
  39. Of The Pines, St Peter, motor engineer
  40. This couple seem to have died childless
  41. The grandson of Alexander and Marjorie de Gruchy was Alexander Noel de Gruchy (1983-2008), founder of De Gruchy`s Funeral Care. A private pilot, he died in an accident when flying by night from England to Jersey
  42. Of Water Lane Farm and Lake View, Val de la Mare, farmer
  43. Merchant, born in Keith, Scotland son of Alexander, farmer
  44. Settled in Toronto, Canada, before 1916
  45. Settled in Toronto, Canada, before 1916
  46. Tobacconist, 2 King Street, 1911-1913; then settled in Toronto, Canada, where he died
  47. Ordained deacon, 1878, and then priest. Hospital Chaplain, then Rector of St Peter, 1897-1939
  48. OV. Major, 19th Hyderabad Regiment, Indian Army. Served in the Great War in Mesopotamia, with the 95th Infantry (Russell`s Regiment); afterwards Acting Lieutenant-Colonel, London Regiment. Indian Army cuts led to his serving five years as an officer in the French Foreign Legion, 1921-5. He then entered the British Consular Service, 1926; British Vice-Consul, Mogador. Returning to Jersey in 1948 he was narrowly defeated in an election for Jurat in 1950. He was Deputy for St Ouen, 1951-1960 and a military historian. See Francis de Gruchy and Dixon: Francis Arthur Labey de Gruchy in Corbet, F L M, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Volume 2,
  49. Surveyor-General, Gold Coast
  50. ARCM, LRAM
  51. DSO, Brigadier, late Gurkha Rifles, QADC, Nepal; son of Charles, Lieut-General
  52. Died after returning home early with her husband from their honeymoon in Brittany, where she had contracted typhoid fever. Her grieving father filled in her burial entry with her age given as 22 years, 2 months and 18 days
  53. Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery
  54. Minister and Farmer. Minister for several years of a French Independent Congregation, before being ordained, on 30th August 1819, in the Baptist faith: The Baptist Magazine, Vol. 11 (1819), 439, 440. At the time of his Baptist ordination, he was both living and farming in St John, to which he must have moved in the years immediately following the christening in Trinity of his last child, in 1815. The Independent Congregation was therefore likely to have been in that parish. In 1829, he was accused by the Pastor of St Helier`s Salem Chapel, which catered to the "Calvinistic Baptists," of interfering with the affairs of the Chapel and having disturbed the peace of the church, in writing, presumably in a critical vein, regarding their administration of baptism. It should be noted that Baptist churches were then regarded as semi-autonomous. De Gruchy replied with commendable moderation, in asking forgiveness for "all that is harsh" in his letters: Harry Le Feuvre, What`s Your Town`s Story, in the Jersey Evening Post, (16 August 2022), 16. "About twenty years" after his Baptist ordination, namely in about 1839 or 1840, he lost confidence in the Baptists and became instead a Swedenborgian minister: The Morning Observer and New Church Record (1863), 351, 352. His death was also so announced in that publication: "On Monday, Sep. 7, 1863, at his residence, Houguillon, in the parish of Trinity, after six days illness, Mr John de Gruchy, aged 80 years. He was educated for, and was ordained a minister of the Baptists. About twenty years since, he remarked, (to use his own expression), he felt "like a ship in distress having no safe anchor", until he became acquainted with Swedenborg`s writing; from that [time] he never failed to preach of the New Church...firm in the faith of the New Jerusalem and trusting in the One Jehovah-Jesus"
  55. Of Le Houguillon, Trinity, Schoolmaster and Farmer
  56. Solicitor (1858-1865). His home was 28 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier
  57. Schoolmaster
  58. Widow of William Falle de Gruchy, died in her 83rd year
  59. Builder, architect and carpenter of Mon Séjour, Croiserie, Vingtenier
  60. Of Le Vallon, Croiserie, Trinity, farmer
  61. Mentioned in the 1899 will of her sister, Louisa Ann, as being a widow
  62. Her will was proved on 4 November 1899, mentioning various siblings: D/Y/A/58/77 at Jersey Archive
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