Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy and Helene Le Breton

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Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy


This tree was added in 2010 and has been comprehensively reviewed on a number of occasions since by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes


Captain Philippe George de Gruchy (1880-1972) of Le Câtel, Rozel; Commodore, Clan Line

This tree contains much information that is also featured on Descendants of Thomas de Gruchy and Jeanette Gallichan. Both trees need to be consulted

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  • 1 Thomas de Gruchy (1590-1650) [1] m (1620, Tr) Helene Le Breton
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy m (1651, Tr) Sara Le Ruez
    • 2 Elie de Gruchy (1627- ) m Unknown
      • 3 Catherine de Gruchy (1671-1720) m (1695, St S) Jean Hubert
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1674- ) m Philippe Cabot
      • 3 Elie de Gruchy m (1703, Tr) Marie Le Riche daughter and heir of Jean, son of Renaud [2]
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1703-1756) m 1 (1726, St H) Jean Cabot; 2 (1739, Tr) Philippe Le Gros
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1711- ) [3] m (1744, Tr) Susanne Cabot
          • 5 Susanne de Gruchy (1745-1802) m (1764, St J) Thomas de Gruchy [4]
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1747-1754)
          • 5 Rachel de Gruchy (1750- )
          • 5 Jean de Gruchy (1750-1796) [5] m (1772, Tr) Esther Le Boutillier
            • 6 Jean de Gruchy (1773-1801) [6]
            • 6 Esther de Gruchy (1774-1854) m (1796, Tr) Jean Le Boutillier
            • 6 Philippe de Gruchy (1776- ) [7] m (1816, St H) Marie de Gruchy [8]
              • 7 Philippe de Gruchy (1818-1862) [9] m (1843, Tr) Mary Starck
                • 8 Mary Esther de Gruchy (1844-1847)
                • 8 Esther Elizabeth de Gruchy (1846-1855)
                • 8 Philippe de Gruchy (1848-1850)
                • 8 Philippe de Gruchy (1850-1871)
                • 8 John de Gruchy (1852-1870) [10]
                • 8 Mary Esther de Gruchy (855-1876)
                • 8 George Philippe de Gruchy (1856-1885) [11] m (1877, Tr) Mary Ann Matilda Richardson [12]
                  • 9 George Ernest de Gruchy (1877-1878)
                  • 9 Mary Jane de Gruchy (1878- )
                  • 9 Philippe George de Gruchy (1880-1972) [13] m 1 [14] Muriel Mary Cabot eldest daughter and heir of Philippe, son of Thomas [15] m 2 Jennie Querée
                  • 9 Mabel Elize de Gruchy (1882- ) m (1906, Chorlton, Eng) Robert Hanna of Abbey Hey
                  • 9 Claire Louise de Gruchy (1883-1986) m Howard Fuller ( -1953) [16]
                  • 9 Amy de Gruchy (1884- ) m Owen Eldred
                  • 9 Anna Matilda de Gruchy (1886- ) m (1906, Tr) James Le Breton (St H)
                • 8 Charles Albert de Gruchy (1856- ) [17] m (1881, Tr) Mary Ann Bisson Austin [18] daughter of William, farmer (St J)
                  • 9 Charles Albert de Gruchy (1885- ) Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag m (1933, Gr) Janet Lydia Rive, daughter of John Clement, farmer
                    • 10 Lawrence Charles de Gruchy (1935-2022) [19]
              • 7 Jean Charles de Gruchy (1820- ) m (1845, St H) Betsey Cabot
                • 8 Elizabeth Esther de Gruchy (1846- ) m (1867, St C) George Ahier [20]
              • 7 Marie Esther de Gruchy (1823- )
              • 7 Pierre de Gruchy (1826-1865) [21] m (1853, Tr) Anne Le Boutillier [22]
            • 6 Pierre de Gruchy (1778-1811) m (1803, St H) Jeanne Aubin
            • 6 Elie de Gruchy (1783-1852) [25] m (1825, St H) Marie Bazley
          • 5 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1752-1837) m Jean Cabot
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1754-1808) m (1775, St My) Philippe Anquetil
        • 4 Elie de Gruchy (1715-1754) [26] m (1741, Tr) Marie Cabot
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1742-1797) [27] m (1763, St Mt) Jean du Feu [28]
          • 5 Susanne de Gruchy (1744- ) m (1770, Tr) Laurens du Feu
          • 5 Anne de Gruchy (1747- ) m (1769, Tr) Jean Machon
    • 2 Jeanne de Gruchy m Jean de la Lande

Notes and references

  1. Probably of Brookvale, near La Chasse, Rozel; Centenier of Trinity 1638-49
  2. Of Le Catel, Rozel
  3. Of Le Catel, Rozel
  4. Of [Le_Catel,_Tr2|Le Catel]], Rue de La Falaise, Trinity
  5. Of Le Catel
  6. Jean or his father, is deemed to have given his name to Le Havre Jean de Gruchy in the east of the Vingtaine de Rozel - probably the cove now called Beauvallet
  7. Of Le Catel
  8. La Profonde Rue, Trinity. Initials at Le Catel PDG.MDG 1822
  9. Of Le Catel, Master mariner; Centenier of Trinity 1855-61
  10. Lost at sea. Walter Le Quesne and Guy Dixon, in The de Gruchys of Jersey, Second Edition (2000), record that 'John was apprentice aboard a ship which did not reach its destination, reported in the Chroniques de Jersey in May 1870. His departure to sea had followed a family quarrel. The lad walked to Rozel Harbour, boarded a Collier brig [that belonged to Clement Richardson] awaiting the tide, transferring later as an apprentice to a deep-sea vessel, never to be seen again by his family.' Captain Philippe George de Gruchy passed this information to Guy Dixon in 1968. John was the captain`s uncle, although he had never met him
  11. Of Le Catel
  12. Daughter of Thomas, of Les Pièces (St Mt) and of Eliza de Gruchy
  13. Of Le Catel, Master mariner; Commodore, Clan Line. Philippe George went to sea at an early age as an apprentice under sail, having been brought up living just above a cove and in sight of the sea. In due course he transferred to steam. When he was still a junior mate, his ship put in to a Brazilian port. Strolling around the harbour when off-duty, he came across a Jersey vessel, stranded by the death of the master and mates as a result of tropical fever. His years under sail were put to good account, when he offered to sail the vessel back to Jersey. The owners` agent accepted and the vessel finally returned to St Helier, to the relief of the owners, crew members and of the families of all concerned. For de Gruchy, it offered the opportunity of a surprise visit to family and friends. He soon became a master and, after some years, became Commodore of the Clan Line. He was in Jersey shortly before the start of the German Occupation, but left the Island on 1 April 1940. He was living in Liverpool in September 1944 when he applied for permission to return to Jersey 'at some later date'. His home address was given then as Cintra, Rozel Valley. His wife, Muriel, remained in Jersey throughout the Occupation and after Philippe's return, the couple moved to Roslyn, Old Fort Road, Rozel
  14. No C of E marriage found, probably Methodist
  15. Datestone at Le Catel PGDG ♥♥ MMC 1916
  16. Mrs Claire Fuller settled in Winnipeg, Canada. She and her husband had issue Howard and Gordon Fuller and three daughters, Gertrude, Isabel and Vivian
  17. He was farming at Cambrai, Trinity, in 1901, and was described in 1885 as a Proprietaire. Ill-fortune evidently overtook him, as in the 1911 Census of Trinity, he was a farm labourer, living at Summerhill Cottage, Trinity, with his elder son likewise employed
  18. In the 1911 census, she is recorded as having been 30 years married, with three children, all living
  19. Cycle mechanic and dealer, St Helier. He had property in Trinity, and was married with descendants
  20. Parents of George de G Ahier, Commis au Greffe, Jersey
  21. Of Brabant, Trinity. Pierre died as a result of an accident when out on his land shooting rabbits. This led to the amputation of his leg and to the setting in of gangrene
  22. Of Brabant. Initials at Brabant: PDG ♥ ALB 1853
  23. Of Brabant, Croiserie
  24. Master mariner in 1875; son of Clément, property owner, Trinity. He became the parish Constable 1877-1884 (1881 Trinity Census) and then Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff
  25. Privateer captain (1809-10) and shipowner; merchant (1833); of 19 Broad Street, St Helier
  26. Of Brookvale, Rozel
  27. Principal heiress
  28. Parents of Laurence du Feu (of Brookvale) and grandparents of Jean du Feu, Cour d`Héritage 24/5/1832

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