Descendants of Thomas DeGrish/DeGrish of Trinity, Newfoundland

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Descendants of Thomas de Grecia/ de Gruchy


This tree, researched 20 years ago by a Canadian descendant of the Newfoundland DeGrish family, was given to Guy Dixon for possible future use. It has proved impossible to establish definite links to the Jersey de Gruchy family. The tree was added in 2021

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  • 1 Elias Degresha (1660?- ) of Arundel, Sussex m Mary Unknown
    • 2 Mary DeGresha (1698- )
  • 1 Thomas de Grecia, "of Jersey" m (1683, Newport, IOW) Frances Hambleton [1] perhaps father of:
    • 2 Philip Degreshe (1685?-) of Christchurch [2] m (14/01/1710, Christchurch, Hants.) Mary Bartholomew
    • 2 Thomas Degreshe (1690- ) m (14/01/1710, Christchurch) Charity Virge. In the next generation:
      • 3 Thomas DeGreshe or DeGrish (1720?-by 1771) [3] m (1750, Christchurch) Elizabeth Newsam [4]
        • 4 Mary Degreshe, or DeGrish, (1751- ) Chichester [5] m (1783, Christchurch) William Hopkins
        • 4 Son DeGrish (1753- )
        • 4 Eliza DeGrish (1753- ) twin? m (1771, Trinity, Nfld.) Joseph Troke, of Hampshire
        • 4 Anne DeGrish (1755?-1795) m (1788, St Paul, Nfld.) Jonathan Combes, of Somerset
        • 4 Thomas DeGrish (1758-1823) of Trinity, Nfld. m (1806, Trinity, Nfld.) Mary White, d of William and Honora Archer, his wife
          • 5 Elizabeth DeGrish (1807- )
          • 5 Thomas DeGrish (1811-1886)( Trinity, Nfld.)
          • 5 William DeGrish (1815-1905) [6] m Joanna Seward (1824-1890)
            • 6 Thomas DeGrish (1844-by 1856)
            • 6 William John DeGrish (1847-1906) (Nova Scotia) m (1871, N.S.) Sarah House (1848-1923), d of William and Ann Piercey, his wife
              • 7 Arthur George DeGrish (1872-1891) ae 19
              • 7 William Charles DeGrish (1873-1915) (Ontario) [7] m (1905, Nova Scotia) Maud Matthews (1885-1915)
              • 7 Annie DeGrish (1875-1877)
              • 7 Jessie DeGrish (1877-1969) [8] m (1911, N.S.) Edward Henry Carr (1871-1944)
              • 7 Ada DeGrish (1878-1879)
              • 7 Helen Lilian DeGrish (1881-1966) [9] m (1905, N.S.) Joseph Ivey (1880-1935)
              • 7 Jane DeGrish (1883-1965) [10] m (1909, N.S.) John Wilson Gillis (1883-1963)
              • 7 Walter DeGrish (1884-1884)
              • 7 John Dixon DeGrish (1885-1886)
              • 7 Alonzo DeGrish (1887-1918) [11]
            • 6 George DeGrish (1849-1938) (Trinity, Nfld.) [12] m (1877, Trinity Bay) Bertha Brown ( -1922), d of Septimus
              • 7 Frances Ann DeGrish (1879- ) m (1901, St John, Nfld.) Charles Moores
              • 7 Henrietta Ethel DeGrish (1881-1957) m (1903, St John, Nfld.) Robert James Randell (1869-1920)
              • 7 Sarah DeGrish (1883-1984) m Harold Simms
              • 7 Florence DeGrish (1885- ) m (1911, St John, Nfld.) Matildus Emile Davidsen (Norway)
              • 7 Julia DeGrish (1888- ) m Walter Toope of Trinity Bay
              • 7 Minnie Seager DeGrish (1892- ) m (1918, N.S.) Samuel James Hefferson (1896-1980)
            • 6 Mary Elizabeth DeGrish (1851- ) m (1878, Trinity, Nfld.) Thomas Myers Hunt, s of William and Jane, his wife
            • 6 Anna Maria DeGrish (1854- )
            • 6 Thomas DeGrish (1856-1929) (St John`s) m 1 Unknown; 2 (1885, Nfld.) Cecilia Susan Morris, d of Robert and Catherine Tavernor
              • 7 Walter DeGrish [13] m (1916, Philadelphia) Mary E. Ellmore
              • 7 Gordon William DeGrish (1890-1951) m (1898) Myrtle Rita Fader (1898-1968)
            • 6 Aubrey DeGrish (1859-1859)
            • 6 Fanny Loraine DeGrish (1861-1863)
            • 6 Frances Louisa De Grish (1864-1881)
        • 4 Jean DeGrish (1759- )

Notes and references

  1. Henry Coutanche, in Channel Islands Family History Journal, No. 84, (1999), 106: "Strays"
  2. Note: Philip and Thomas Degreshe married in Christchurch on the same day. This might suggest they were brothers
  3. Thomas married as “Degreshe” but afterwards spelt his name Degrish or DeGrish. He and Elizabeth settled at Trinity, Newfoundland, where he bought a seat in the Church, in 1753, from Richard Brown. He was, from the outset, a prosperous citizen. The 1753 Census of Trinity, Newfoundland, records him as being a planter on the west side, with a wife and no family present. They employed 10 English and 5 Irish servants, 11 of whom were winter servants. The fact that some part of their employed staff was seasonal and that the census also records his ownership of “two boats” might suggest that he was both a Planter and fishery owner. His entry in the 1754 Census adds to the boats, a skiff. He now had 8 English and 8 Irish servants, also a son and a daughter. He was clearly high-handed: In September 1758, he was charged with turning cows into the churchyard, which broke the fence, and beating John Green, clerk of the peace. He was fined
  4. She married secondly, Thomas Gestican of Newfoundland
  5. Mary seems to have remained in Christchurch, Hampshire, where she married. She was perhaps poorly when her parents left; she was also absent from the 1753 Trinity, Newfoundland Census
  6. Planter and Fisherman
  7. Clerk. His age at death is a little ambiguous. Furthermore, it is recorded online as having been in York County as well as Toronto County, both being in Ontario
  8. She died in Victoria, British Columbia
  9. She died in Vancouver, British Columbia
  10. She also died in Victoria, British Columbia
  11. Of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  12. Occupation, in 1885: Courier
  13. Died at Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania
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