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Descendants of Raulet Le Geyt



Philippe Le Geyt (1635-1716), Greffier, Jurat and, for 18 years, Lieutenant-Bailiff; Commentator on Jersey Law

Le Geyt dit Rauvet

This genealogy is based on that by the Rev J A Messervy [1] It has been amended where necessary by Guy Dixon and much information added, in order to update the original and include all the descendants of Robert Le Geyt (generation 9). The first six generations have also been reviewed and verified from Court records.

The resulting genealogy traces the descent of the Le Geyt family, previously known as Le Geyt dit Rauvet, from the Raulet (or Rauvet) Le Geyt who doubtless gave this branch of the Le Geyts their former name. [2]

The descendants of Raulet Le Geyt have been highly distinguished, becoming one of Jersey's foremost families. [3]

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  • 1 Raulet Le Geyt (1450?- ) [4] living 1495 m daughter of John Debonaire [5]
    • 2 Thomas Le Geyt (1480?- ) living 1528 (St H) m unknown de la Rocque ( -1540)
      • 3 Michel Le Geyt (1505-1599?) m Collette unknown
        • 4 Nicolas Le Geyt (1530-1614) (St H) m Catherine Norman daughter of Michel
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1555-1604) [6] m Catherine Romeril, daughter of Philippe [7]
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Geyt senr. (1590?- ) m (1609, St H) Abraham Le Moigne [8]
            • 6 Philippe Le Geyt (1592-1669) [9] m 1 (1612) Jeanne Stocall ( -1621), daughter of Aaron [10]
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1620-1620)
            • 2nd wife of Philippe Le Geyt (1625, St S) Jeanne de Soulemont ( -1626), daughter of Thomas [11]
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1626- ) m (1645, St B) Philippe Dumaresq
            • 3rd wife of Philippe Le Geyt (1630) Jeanne Scelle ( -1680), daughter of Jean and Denise Pipon
              • 7 Philippe Le Geyt (1635-1716) Lieutenant-Bailiff [12]
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1643-1679) [13] m (1669, St H) Esther Corbet, daughter of Moise
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1677-1747) [14] m (1701, St H) Jeanne Dumaresq ( -1746) daughter of Charles [15]
                  • 9 Jeanne Le Geyt (1701/2-1784) m (1729, St H) Clement Falle [16]
                  • 9 Charles Le Geyt (1702-1759) [17] m 1 (1731, St C) Marthe de La Haye ( -1744)[18] daughter of Louis [19]
                    • 10 Charles William Le Geyt (1733-1827) Jersey`s first Postmaster [20] m 1(1763, London) Elizabeth, daughter of Dr John Shebbeare
                      • 11 Charles William Le Geyt (1768-1806) [21]
                      • 11 George John Le Geyt (1770- ) [22]
                    • 2nd wife of Charles William Le Geyt m (1795, St S) Marie Nicolle ( -1817) [23]
                      • 11 George William Le Geyt (1789-1868) [24] m (1810, St P) Elizabeth Le Couteur ( -1871), [25] daughter of Philippe, of Hamptonne (St P) and Elisabeth de Carteret [26]
                        • 12 Charles William Le Geyt (1812-1879) [27] m (1836, London) Emma Elizabeth Bell ( -1884) d of Charles [28]
                          • 13 William Bell Le Geyt (1837-1916) of Torquay [29] m (1866, Devon) Kate Mina Murrey d of Major-General G.F. Murrey
                            • 14 Alice Adelaide Le Geyt (1869-1941) [30]
                            • 14 Emma Gertrude Le Geyt (1872-1933) unmarried
                          • 13 Charles Arthur Le Geyt (1851-1935) [31] m (1906, Pembroke) Harriett Thomson Prior ( -1939)
                          • 13 Rachel Louisa Le Geyt (1837-1837)
                          • 13 Alice Bell Le Geyt (1839-1934) [32]
                        • 12 Elizabeth Carteret Le Geyt (1814- )
                        • 12 Charlotte Rachel Le Geyt (1816-1899)
                        • 12 Daughter Le Geyt (1818-1818)
                      • 11 Pleydell Dawney Le Geyt (1791-1804) [33]
                      • 11 Charlotte Ann Le Geyt (1794- ) m Robert Pool [34]
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1734-1765) [35]
                    • 10 Marthe Le Geyt (1736-1796) m (1774, St Mt) Philippe Dumaresq
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1738- ) m (1763) Pierre Patriarche
                    • 10 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1739-1746)
                    • 10 Esther Le Geyt (1740-1742)
                  • 2nd wife of Charles Le Geyt (1752, St Mt) Elizabeth Dumaresq ( -1758) d of Jean
                    • 10 Carteret Le Geyt (1754-1755)
                    • 10 Robert Carteret Le Geyt (1756-1832) [36] m (1792, St S) Anne Dumaresq daughter of Jean [37]
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1703-1703) [38]
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1703- ) [39]
                  • 9 Esther Le Geyt (1705-1756) m (1729, St O) Edouard Dauvergne [40]
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1707- )
                  • 9 Carteret Le Geyt (1708-1765) [41] m (1760, Sunbury) Isabella Duxbury ( -1772) [42]
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1709-1712)
                  • 9 Anna Maria Le Geyt (1710-1712)
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1712- ) [43]
                  • 9 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1713-1720)
                  • 9 Anne Le Geyt (1715-1741) m (1738, St P) Thomas Pipon (St B)
                  • 9 Philippine Le Geyt (1716-1744)
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1718-1772) [44] m (1747, St Mt) Elisabeth Dauvergne, daughter and co-heir of Amice and Anne Elisabeth Syvret [45]
                  • 9 George Le Geyt (1719- ) [46]
                  • 9 William Le Geyt (1722-1725)
                  • 9 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1724-1754) m Charles Dauvergne [47]
                  • 9 William Le Geyt (1725-1727)
                  • 9 George Le Geyt (1727-1761) [48]
                  • 9 Marie Le Geyt (1728-1788) m (1754) Guillaume Patriarche
                  • 9 Robert Le Geyt (1721-1798) m 1 (1746, Kent) Maria Belvoir
                    • 10 John Gould Le Geyt (1747-1748) [49]
                    • 10 Robert Le Geyt (1750- ) [50]
                    • 10 Robert Le Geyt (1757-1792) [51] m Jane Byrche, daughter of William [52]
                      • 11 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1775- )
                      • 11 Mary Le Geyt (1778- )
                      • 11 Vice-Admiral George Le Geyt CB (1786-1861) [53] m (1812, Donegal, Ireland) Rose Mary Heath (1831- ) daughter of R Heath [54]
                        • 12 Catherine Eleanor Le Geyt (1814-1872) [55] m (1838) William Philippe Patriarche
                        • 12 Elizabeth Jane Le Geyt (1815- ) living 1859
                        • 12 Rose Mary Le Geyt (1816-1901) m St Vincent Pitcher [56]
                          • 13 D G Pitcher
                          • 13 Henry William Pitcher [57]
                        • 12 William Heath Le Geyt (1817-1848) [58]
                        • 12 George Adams Le Geyt (1819- ) living 1858 [59]
                        • 12 Philip Carteret Le Geyt (1821-1853) [60]
                        • 12 Francis Goldsworthy Le Geyt (1822-1823)
                        • 12 Rebecca Le Geyt (1823- ) m (1848) Arthur Kensington
                        • 12 Frances Maria Le Geyt (1825-1899) m (1853, St S) Charles Thomas Poingdestre (1811-1885)
                        • 12 Thomas Bromley Le Geyt (1827-1894) [61] m (1874, Victoria) Frances Washington
                        • 12 Isabella Letitia Le Geyt (1831-1903) unmarried [62]
                        • 12 Margaret Madeline Le Geyt (1833-1921) m (1864, Eng.) Samuel Hood Henderson [63]
                      • 11 Philippe Carteret Le Geyt [64] m (1803, London) Anne Baldwin
                        • 12 Madelina Maria Ann Le Geyt (1807- ) m (1833, Greenwich) Charles [65] Worsley
                        • 12 Marguerite Eleanor Le Geyt m (1831, Greenwich) Mathew Fortescue (Devon)
                        • 12 Augusta Carol Le Geyt (1814- ) twin
                        • 12 Henrietta Elizabeth Le Geyt (1814-1875) [66]
                      • 11 Frances Jane Le Geyt m (1806, Margate) Thomas Kenwood Bowyer, Major
                      • 11 Catherine Eleanor Le Geyt m George Adams [67]
                  • 2nd wife of Robert Le Geyt (1773, Canterbury Cathedral) Anna Maria Chandler (1740-1831)
                    • 10 Mary Le Geyt (1775-1795)
                    • 10 Philip Le Geyt (1776-1847) [68] m (4/1801, Canterbury Cathedral) Jane Cairnes
                      • 11 Philip William Le Geyt (12/1801-1860) [69] m (1834, Bycullah, India) Caroline Anderson d of Sir George William Anderson, KCB, Governor of Bombay [70]
                        • 12 Philip Harrison Le Geyt (1835-1922) [71] m (1868, Stepney) Matilda Victoria Harris ( -1922)
                        • 12 Walter Elliott Le Geyt (1836-1873) [72]
                        • 12 Douglas Kensington Le Geyt (1837, Poona-1840)
                        • 12 Caroline Le Geyt (1838-1917)
                        • 12 Florence Le Geyt (1840-1842)
                        • 12 Constance Le Geyt (1841-1858)
                        • 12 Blanche Le Geyt (1842-1925) m (1863, Eng.) Robert Moseley Bryce Thomas [73]
                        • 12 Arthur Scudamore Bolton Le Geyt (1843-1843)
                        • 12 Willoughby Stuart Graham Le Geyt (1848-1900) [74] m 1 (1869, Mx) Alice Esther Sarah Jane da Silva
                          • 13 Dare da Silva Le Geyt (1871-1873)
                          • 13 Irene Hannah Tilly da Silva Le Geyt (1873- ) [75] m Henry Verral Faulconer (1862- ) [76]
                          • 13 Doris Mary da Silva Le Geyt (1875-1876) [77]
                          • 13 Ida Caroline Le Geyt (1877- ) [78] m James Bedford I.C.S. [79]
                          • 13 Gladys Joy Le Geyt (1880- ) unmarried
                        • by the 2nd wife of Willoughby Stuart Graham Le Geyt m Laura Frances Crichton d of George Frederick
                          • 13 Philip Sydney Le Geyt (1896-1970) [80] m 1 (1922, New York) Eva Beartha Christina von Post of Sweden
                            • 14 Willoughby Staffs Le Geyt (1923-1997) [81] m 1 (1952, Surrey) Barbara Jean Woods Stringer (descendants); 2 Fiona Kelly [82] d of the Revd. John Kelly of Belfast
                          • by the 2nd wife of Philip Sydney Le Geyt, m (1939, Mx) Florence Garrard (Booth)
                            • 14 John Charles Le Geyt (1940-2000) [83] m Antoinetta Bobbiese (descendants)
                            • 14 Daughter Le Geyt
                          • the 3rd wife of Philip Sydney Le Geyt, Margaret Travers [84]
                          • 13 Nugent Willoughby Le Geyt (1899-1900)
                        • 12 Nugent Rolland Malcolm Le Geyt (1849-1883) unmarried
                      • 11 Jane Anna Le Geyt (1803- )
                      • 11 Robert Le Geyt (1804-1805)
                      • 11 Maria Le Geyt (1806-1806)
                      • 11 Eliza Le Geyt (1807-1846)
                      • 11 Matilda Frances Le Geyt (1808-1846) m (1829, Kent) William James Conolly
                      • 11 James Cairnes Le Geyt (1810-1840) [85]
                      • 11 Margaret Maria Le Geyt (1812-1849?) m 1 (1837, Mx) Percy Drummond (1778-1843); [86] 2 (1846, Brighton) Morton Shaw
                      • 11 Catherine Eleanor Le Geyt (1814-1814)
                      • 11 Robert Cairnes Le Geyt (1816-1842) [87]
                      • 11 William Casaubon Le Geyt (1819-1851) [88]
                      • 11 Charles James Le Geyt (1829-1877) [89] m (1852, Eng.) Janet Phyllis Munro d of Alexander, Esq.
                        • 12 Janet Madeleine Le Geyt (1853- 1942) unmarried
                    • 10 William Le Geyt (1777-1795) [90]
                    • 10 John Monins Le Geyt (1780-1796) [91]
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1670-1703) m (1688, St H) Elie Nicolle
                • 8 Esther Le Geyt (1671-1729) m (1700, St H) Helier Dumaresq [92]
                • 8 Philippine Le Geyt (1675-1743) m (1704, St H) Philippe Le Gallais [93]
                • 8 Anne Le Geyt (1679-1724) m (1708, Gr) Jean Le Vavasseur dit Durell
              • 7 Denise Le Geyt (1630-1674) m (1671) Philippe Pinel [94]
              • 7 Philippine Le Geyt (1632- ) m 1 (1669, St H) Jean Hue, Seigneur de Sotel; 2 Michel Dupré
              • 7 Marie Le Geyt (1641- )
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1594- )
            • 6 Michel Le Geyt (1597-1650) m 1 Jeanne Coutanche daughter of Gilles and Rachel Renouf; 2 (1647, St H) Elizabeth Nicolle
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Geyt junr. (1600- ) m (1622?) Jean Bonhomme [95] son of Josué
            • 6 Rachel Le Geyt (1603-1603)
            • 6 Josué Le Geyt (1604-1647) m (1637, St H) Jeanne de Ste Croix
              • 7 Thomasse Le Geyt (4/1638- ) m (1663, St H) Nicolas Gibault
              • 7 Michel Le Geyt (11/1638-1674) m Sara Barbier, daughter of Robert and Sara
                • 8 Sara Le Geyt (1664-1676)
                • 8 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1666-1666)
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1667-1708)
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1670- ) m (1696, St S) Jean Buesnel
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (1673-1675)
              • 7 Josué Le Geyt (1642-1702) m (1669, St C) Jeanne Nicolle ( -1716)
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt m (1600) Elizabeth Sarre, daughter of Nicolas
          • 5 Etienne Le Geyt ( -1641) m (1611, St H) Sara Michel, daughter of George and Jeanne, née Le Petevin dit Le Roux
            • 6 Jeanne Le Geyt (1612- ) m (1638, St H) Thomas Le Brun
            • 6 Sara Le Geyt (1613-1614)
            • 6 Marie Le Geyt (1615- ) m (1655, St H) Philippe Le Sueur
            • 6 Clement Le Geyt (1619-1654) [96] m (1650, St H) Marie de Ste Croix [97]
              • 7 Philippe Le Geyt (1650-1656)
              • 7 Marie Le Geyt (1652- )
              • 7 Sara Le Geyt (1653- )
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1620-1621)
            • 6 Sara Le Geyt (1623- ) m (1654, St H) Aaron Le Feuvre
            • 6 Matthieu Le Geyt (1626- ) [98]
          • 5 Jeanne Le Geyt m (1597, St H) Mahey Le Brun, son of Thomas, son of Mahey
        • 4 Jean Le Geyt ( -1605) settled in England
          • 5 Robert Le Geyt (Salisbury)
          • 5 Tobie Le Geyt (Salisbury)
        • 4 Michel Le Geyt ( -1612)
        • 4 Helier Le Geyt ( -1616) [99]
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (liv 1623)
        • 4 Collette Le Geyt
      • 3 Johan Le Geyt (1507?-1533)
        • 4 Helier Le Geyt (1530-1588) m Marguerite Unknown
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1560?-1590) no issue
          • 5 George Le Geyt (1565?-1622) [100]
        • 4 Jacques Le Geyt (1532- ) [101]
        • 4 Daughter Le Geyt (1533?- ) m Jacques Pirouet [102]

Notes and References

  1. Published in ABSJ V, 230-250
  2. The dit (alias) form of surname was widely used in north-western Europe during the late middle ages, in order to distinguish one branch of a family from another. Other variants of the Le Geyt name, in different branches, were Le Geyt dit Le Maillier, Le Geyt dit Maret and Le Geyt dit Resde, the genealogies of which will be featured on this family`s pages. The "dit Rauvet" was eventually dropped, as were the other Le Geyt variants, leaving the original Le Geyt.
  3. They also gave to the armed services many highly promising young officers, one of whom became a vice-admiral and another a major-general. Nine of them died or were killed in action, mostly far from home, while still in their youth. The family continues, however, to this day, albeit no longer in Jersey.
  4. Raulet or Rauvet, being diminutives of Ralf or Rauf, were considered by the 19th century Jersey genealogist , the Rev J A Messervy to have given to this Le Geyt family their 16th century surname, Le Geyt dit Rauvet. This variation in surnames was frequently used in Jersey, as well as in England and France, to distinguish one branch of a family from another. The three other Le Geyt families in Jersey were Le Geyt dit Le Maillier, their cousins Le Geyt dit Maret, and Le Geyt dit Resde
  5. See below
  6. Dénonciateur 1584-1604; Registrar of Contracts 1602-1604. A deed dated 1614 in the Jersey Land Registry (RP 4/197), names the four children in generation 5 of Nicolas Le Geyt and Catherine, his wife, née Norman. They were Jean Le Geyt senior, deceased and represented by his son Philippe, Jean Le Geyt junior, Etienne Le Geyt and Jeanne, the wife of Mahey Le Brun. It was quite common in pre-18th century Jersey to have two children of the same name, which would be distinguished by the words "senior" or "junior" appended to their names. All were "fils" or "fille Nicolas and Catherine, his wife. Their identities are important in establishing the first four generations on this tree. RP 1/227 (1605) names a Robert Le Geyt as being the elder son of Jean Le Geyt (generation 4), the son of "Michel Le Geyt alias Rauvet" (generation 3) and of Collette, his wife. Robert, of the "Royaume d`Angleterre", sold to Etienne Le Geyt (above) his entire inheritance. In RP 4/21 (1612), Robert and his brother, Tobie Le Geyt, feature, being described as the children of Jean Le Geyt, alias Rauvet. The latter had a deceased brother mentioned, one Michel Le Geyt, who will have been named, no doubt, after their father, Michel Le Geyt, (above), husband of Collette. The Island`s law regarding real estate aimed at retaining property within the immediate family. Thus for Robert to have sold his paternal estate to the said Etienne Le Geyt without any challenge in court, strongly suggests the sale was a result of a family arrangement, the inheritance of one generation`s cadet son being transferred back into the family to provide for one of the next generation`s cadet sons, namely Etienne Le Geyt. The assets so transferred will therefore have been derived from a common source, the estate of the first Michel Le Geyt
  7. Of La Fontaine (Tr), Jurat
  8. R.P.4/234 (1615) names three of the children of Jean Le Geyt (generation 6), son of Nicolas, and the guardian of the other two: (translated) "Philippe Le Geyt and Jean Le Geyt [sons] of the late Jean Le Geyt, together with Abraham Le Moigne, as much in right of his wife Elizabeth, daughter of the said Jean Le Geyt, as guardian of the under-aged children [Michel and Elizabeth junior] of the said Jean Le Geyt". A further deed refers to Elizabeth junior and names her husband: R.P.9/113 "Jean Bonhomme and Elizabeth Le Geyt his wife, daughter of the late Jean Le Geyt, son of Nicolas"
  9. Philippe Le Geyt built upon his father's fortuitous marriage in order to establish the fortune of this branch of the Le Geyt family. Offices held by him were Vingtenier 1617; Advocate 1625; Greffier 1631-1642; Jurat 1642-1651, 1660-1669. Engraved at Fernhill, Mont à L'Abbé, are his dated initials: "PhLG 1649." In 1676, his son and namesake Philippe became Lieutenant-Bailiff, in place of the able Jean Poingdestre. Philip Stevens, in his excellent biography of Jean Poingdestre, in ABSJ, Vol. 31, Pt. 2, 336, cites Charles Trumbull, brother-in-law of Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès, who as such, was one of the Island`s `grand seigneurs`, as stating that Le Geyt was of `meane Discent and no alliance`(sic). Indeed, the learned new Lieutenant-Bailiff was unmarried but the libellous statement was evidently aimed at his immediate family rather than at his own marital state. As the statement was palpably untrue, it is worthy of examination. Philippe junior`s mother was a St Brelade Seale, the sister of a Jurat and sister-in-law of no less a figure than Laurens Hamptonne, himself a former Lieutenant-Bailiff. The grandmother of Philippe junior, was a daughter of Jurat Philippe Romeril of La Fontaine, Trinity, and her brother Jean was both advocate and seigneur. Their family was immediately connected-by-marriage to the Lemprières of Diélament. What Trumbull`s informant had perhaps in mind, was that the male descent of Philippe Le Geyt junior was modest. Prior to his father and grandfather, the Le Geyts dit Rauvet appear to have been, from Court records, and unlike the then more affluent Le Geyts dit Le Maillier, merely respectable, middle class farmers. To a major seigneur and acquaintance of the displaced Poingdestre, this did not count for much. It is amusing to note that Le Geyts from this epoch, chose with great regularity Dumaresq brides!
  10. Constable of St Saviour
  11. Constable of St Helier
  12. Commentator on Jersey Law: Philippe Le Geyt is, to this day, regarded as having been Jersey's most eminent Jurist. In the absence from the Island of the hereditary Bailiffs, de Carteret, at Court, Le Geyt presided for 18 years over the States and Royal Court, before resigning to concentrate on his forthcoming works on Jersey law, which were for centuries invaluable both to historians and members of the legal profession. Philippe was Greffier 1660-1669, Jurat 1669-1710 and Lieutenant-Bailiff 1676-1693
  13. Constable of St Helier 1672-1679
  14. Constable of St Helier 1707-1708, Procureur-General 1709-1728, Jurat and Lieutenant-Bailiff 1729-1747. The Town house of the two Lieutenant-Bailiffs Le Geyt, in what is now King Street, was purchased in 1825 by Abraham de Gruchy. It was situated on the west, or left, side of the present façade of A de Gruchy and Co. The western gable is likely to have been a part of the original structure
  15. Lieut-Bailiff
  16. Captain of Militia
  17. Seigneur de Saval. Solicitor; Constable of St Helier 1726-1733, Colonel in the Militia
  18. Shown in burial register as Marthe de la Faye and previously shown here as Marthe de Faye. We are uncertain as to which is correct
  19. Captain
  20. Seigneur of Saval. Captain, 63rd Regiment of Foot, who fought at the Battle of Minden
  21. Major, 45th Regiment of Foot. Died at Deal, in England, without issue
  22. Probably died in infancy
  23. This marriage entry is followed by the note: "Présent George William, Pleydell Dawney et Charlotte Anne, enfants de ladite Marie..légitimisés"
  24. Lieutenant-Colonel in the Militia. He became Jersey`s second Postmaster, relieving his aged father, in 1815. A surprising entry in the Royal Almanac (1837) is the appearance of George William Le Geyt as the owner of the brig Humility. John Jean, in Jersey Sailing Ships, 94, has this ownership as having begun in 1831. Le Geyt was not a merchant; this enterprise will have been regarded as an investment
  25. Elizabeth Le Geyt, née Le Couteur, lived when a widow, at 12, Royal Crescent, St Helier. The UK and Ireland Find a Grave.. site at has her death in 1871 confused with that of her daughter, Charlotte Rachel Le Geyt, in 1899. They probably both feature on the same gravestone
  26. Of Vinchelez de Bas
  27. Of Font Hill, St Helier, Lieutenant-Colonel RJM; ADC of the Lieutenant-Governor. Colonel Le Geyt moved, in his final years, to Bournemouth, no doubt to live within reach of his eldest son and daughter-in-law, at Torquay. He died in England
  28. MD (Edinburgh)
  29. Assistant Commissary-General of Ordnance. The Army List 1908 has the following: "Mr Le Geyt served in the New Zealand War, 1863-66 and was present at the attack of the Orakau Pah and the assault and capture of the Gate Pah and action at Te Ranga (Medal)". His Will, dated 31/01/1902, was proved by his widow and executrix on 19 January 1917
  30. Described, with her aunt, Alice Bell Le Geyt, in 1934 (Will of her uncle, the Reverend Canon C A Le Geyt) as being "the sole survivors of my family"
  31. BA (Oxon). The Reverend Canon Le Geyt, once Priest-Vicar of Truro Cathedral, was an Honorary Fellow of the Guild of Church Musicians (London). He was living in Jersey in 1905, before moving to Weston-Super-Mare, where he died. His Will was dated 1 March 1934 and mentions his sister, Alice Bell Le Geyt, who died three months later, his wife and sole niece, Alice Adelaide Le Geyt. On his death on 23 October 1935, the senior male line of the Jersey Le Geyts dit Rauvet became extinct. His great-great grandfather's younger brother, Robert Le Geyt of Canterbury (1721-1798) has, however, descendants in England, South Africa and elsewhere
  32. Alice Bell Le Geyt was awarded a Royal Lifeboat Society medal for bravery in rescuing two boys from drowning in Lyme Regis, Dorset. She was an early Suffragette, was the authoress of two novels and of many poems
  33. RN Midshipman on the frigate Severn. Died in Jersey: Maritime Information Letter, 27/11/1995
  34. Captain 62nd Regiment
  35. Captain, Honourable East India Company Maritime Service. This branch of the H.E.I.C.S., which became in the 19th century the Indian Navy (Indian Marine), was from its inception para-military. Philippe was in 1761 a 2nd Officer aboard the Honourable Company`s Ship Pitt (600 tons) on a voyage to China (Hardy`s Register of Shipping). When his P.C.C. Will was made (12/11/1763), he was described as "Chief Mate of the Ship Duke of Richmond in the East India Company`s Service". The Will of Isabella Hill, his uncle Carteret`s widow, who had remarried, dated 13 September 1772, refers to Philippe as "Captain Philip Le Geyt, deceased", so he will have gained, between 1763 and 1766, (when his Will was proved), his own command
  36. Settled at Bridgewater, Somerset. His P.C.C. Will indicates that he died childless, as his heirs were the three daughters of a local man and his nephew, George William Le Geyt of Jersey
  37. Of Gros Puits (St S)
  38. Twin. Philippe and his twin Jean died in infancy
  39. Twin
  40. Of St Ouen, Advocate
  41. Captain, HEICMS. Carteret Le Geyt, formerly of London, amassed a tidy fortune, in addition to a house and land in Sunbury, Middlesex. He was a benefactor of the Jersey General Hospital
  42. Isabella`s second husband was John Hill, which led Messervy to assume this was her maiden name. Carteret died without issue. His PCC Will was dated 1 December 1764 and proved on 11 February 1765
  43. Died in infancy
  44. Captain in the Army. His will, dated 02/04/1753, describing him as "late a Captain in HM's Regt. of Foot commanded by Colonel Thomas Murray and son of Philip Le Geyt," left everything to his widow, Elizabeth, and was witnessed by Robert Le Geyt of Canterbury and John Le Gros of London. It was proved 29/08/1778. He evidently died with some outstanding debts, as administration was granted to John Fiott "one of the lawful attorneys of Philip Le Vavasseur dit Durell, the principal creditor of the deceased"
  45. Died without issue
  46. Died in infancy
  47. Father of the Duc de Bouillon
  48. HEICMS 1st Officer, Godolphin, 4/05/1759. Wrongly described by Messervy, in this work, as having died in infancy
  49. Messervy confused, for reasons given below, John Gould Le Geyt, who died as a baby, with his half-brother William, who did serve in the Royal Artillery
  50. Died an infant
  51. Wood-Reeve to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury; died aged 32, 07/04/1792
  52. Rector of St Mary, Dover
  53. George Le Geyt was a Half-Pay Captain in the Royal Navy when he decided to migrate to his grandfather's birthplace, Jersey, although economic factors may have been a greater consideration. He took a house in Bath Street, St Helier, where he was living at the time of the 1841 Census. By 1851 he was listed as Rear-Admiral, becoming Vice-Admiral not long afterwards. He is buried in Green Street Cemetery, on the east, or left, side of the path
  54. Admiral
  55. Catherine Eleanor and her husband settled in Ontario, Canada, where she died
  56. Lieutenant, Madras Cavalry
  57. VC; Captain, 1st Punjab Infantry
  58. Lieutenant, Madras Cavalry. An example of how a different Commanding Officer and unit can turn around a young officer`s life is provided by the start of Le Geyt`s career. He joined the Madras Cavalry in 1834, but three years later had still made little progress or improvement. The son of a naval officer who would become an admiral, and the grandson of an admiral, he will not have lacked for education, although he was evidently not academically minded. In a letter at the former India Office, London, (Military Consultations 17/01/1837 No. 103), Lieutenant Le Geyt`s Commanding Officer (7th Light Cavalry) describes the young man at that date: "For [the] 2 years that this officer has been with the regiment, every possible exertion has been made to teach him his duty and to surmount, by means of instruction, his lamentable want of education, as well as the natural weakness of his intellect - these efforts have proved wholly unavailing." Such a report could have terminated his career, but posted to the 2nd Native Veterans' Battalion the next day, and given the command of a detachment at Streepermatoor in August 1838, he evidently flourished and was so described by his new CO on the 19/12/1842: "general conduct and character good", adding "he is qualified to discharge his duties". He died at Wallajahabad on 20 June 1848
  59. Of the Honourable East India Company`s Civil Service. He was left in his father`s 1858 Will the latter`s portrait by Fisher
  60. Druggist (Chemist) in 1841, St Helier; living 1851, unmarried
  61. Settled in Victoria, Australia, where he married and died
  62. Living in 1901 with her widowed sister, Rose Mary Pitcher, at 2, Clarence Terrace, St Helier
  63. Admiral
  64. Lived in Greenwich
  65. Charles, not Philip, Worsley
  66. Her heir was Godfrey Thomas Worsley, her nephew
  67. Kt. Colonel, 6th Dragoons
  68. Vicar of Marden, Kent. Messervy, who had, with this part of the genealogy, to rely on family information, confused Philip both with his brother William, in calling him a Lieutenant, and with his brother John Monins, in describing him as having served in the Royal Navy!
  69. Judge, H.E.I.C.S. In 1820, he was a Writer, in 1822, he was Asssistant to the Collector of Poona, in 1830, Assistant Judge and Sessions Judge, Poona. In 1832, he was Acting Assistant Judge at Dharwar. In 1840, he was Senior Magistrate of Police, and Revenue Judge at Bombay. In 1846, P.W. Le Geyt he was appointed Judge in Poona. He was, from 1855, a Member of the Legislative Council of India. He died in 1860 whilst undertaking a sea journey within India
  70. Later Governor of Mauritius and the of Ceylon
  71. Major-General, Indian Army. P.H. Le Geyt, formerly of the Bombay 3rd Light Cavalry, was a Cornet (1851), Lieutenant (1856), Captain (1863), Major (1871), Lieutenant-Colonel (1877), Colonel (1881) and Major-General (1892). Major Le Geyt was transferred in 1871 to the Bombay Staff Corps and remained thereafter on the General Staff. He was in 1880 Political Superintendent, Palanpur and was, from February 1885, promoted to 1st Grade Political Agent
  72. Major, Indian Army. W.E. Le Geyt was christened at Bycullah, as was his elder brother. He was commissioned Cornet (1853), in the Bombay 2nd Light Cavalry, which was then still a part of the H.E.I.C.S. He was promoted Lieutenant (1856), Captain (1861) in what was, by then, the Indian Army and finally Major (1871). Le Geyt was notable, but by no means exceptional, in having served, in the 17 years and 222 days between 10/11/1853 and 20/06/1871, without having applied for even one furlough to Europe or elsewhere. He had no leaves of absence on either private or medical grounds and had required absolutely no medical certificates! Despite serving further years, he was only once wounded, throughout his career, this occurring at Jeerum in 1858, in pursuit of Tantya Topee. India, where he had been born, evidently suited him. Most regrettably, Le Geyt died when still comparatively young, at sea aboard the SS. Mirzapore on the 5th June 1873
  73. Colonel, Indian Army
  74. Born, as were most of his siblings, at Poona. Le Geyt was a Cotton Broker and Merchant in Bombay. He died at Sewree, in India
  75. Christened, as was her brother, at Rajcote, India
  76. Civil Engineer (Poona); Chief Engineer, Bombay Tramway Company (1894)
  77. Christened in Bombay Cathedral
  78. Theosophist. This lady`s portrait was lost on the way to Australia, where it was to feature at a Theosophical convention
  79. Indian Civil Service
  80. Captain, I.A. (Indian Army). Served in WWI as a Lieutenant, 153rd Rifles, receiving the General Service Medal, being shortly thereafter promoted to Captain. He later migrated from India to British East Africa, initially to farm in Uganda. After some years, he joined the East African Police; Prosecutor, Nairobi Magistrate`s Court (1952). Author (1961) Makarios in Exile
  81. H.M. Probation Service; changed his name to William John Le Geyt
  82. To whom the author is most grateful for information regarding the last three generations, above
  83. Settled in the Republic of South Africa
  84. Taught Makarios English; co-author of Makarios in Exile. No issue of this marriage
  85. H.E.I.C. Civil Service; Clerk and Secretary to Sir H. Roper, Judge, Supreme Court, Bombay, India; buried at Bycullah; unmarried
  86. Of Woolwich, Major-General, son of Duncan Drummond, General in the Army
  87. Lieutenant, Bombay 2nd Light Cavalry, H.E.I.C.S. He attended the East India Company`s Military Seminary (Addiscombe) from 1831. Originally posted as an Ensign to the Bombay Army`s 5th Native Infantry (27/06/1834), his arrival in India had been delayed due to ill-health between October 1833 and December 1834. At the latter date, he was stationed in Poona, before embarking for China on the `Edinburgh` in June 1835. From that date, his ensigncy was cancelled, due to his having transferred to the 2nd Light Cavalry as a Cornet. Six months later the 2nd Light Cavalry returned to their duties in India, where he remained until placed on the 28/05/1839 at the disposal of the Envoy and Minister at Kabul (Cabul), Afghanistan, for employment in His Majesty Shah Soojah`s service. It was noted that Le Geyt spoke "Hindoostanee" and had won, with another, the Ghizni Prize. In September 1840, having been promoted to Lieutenant, he was praised for his efforts in action, by Brigadier Dennie, C.B. "Anderson`s Horse, led by Lieutenant Le Geyt, severely wounded in pursuit, distinguished themselves". He was appointed Adjutant, 2nd Cavalry, Kabul. "In November 1841, he commanded the 1st Squadron, Shahi Irregular Horse. Despatched with a convoy of military stores into the Bala Hissar on 10th December, he brought back a supply of provisions in return. On the 23rd, the Body Guard of the Envoy, who followed him from the Cantonments, when only a few hundred yards from the gates, on the way to the fatal conference, suddenly faced about and galloped back, several shots being fired at them in their retreat. Lieutenant Le Geyt, their commander, in passing through the gate, exclaimed that the Envoy had been carried off. The intelligence he brought, instead of rousing the British leaders, seemed to paralize their faculties"--Extract from Major-General Elphinstone to the Secretary to the Government, forwarding a memorandum of occurrences during the insurrection at Kabul. He was killed at Neemla, 13/01/1842; "a valuable and promising officer" in the British retreat from Kabul. His name is one of five on the Afghan Memorial on the N.W. wall of the Church of St John the Evangelist, Colaba, Bombay, No. 4 slab, lower tier. He was unmarried
  88. Merchant in the firm of Leckie and Company, Bombay. Buried at Bombay Cathedral, unmarried
  89. M.A. (Oxon), Chaplain of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1853-1858, then Vicar of St Matthias, Stoke Newington until his death. Declared bankrupt 30/03/1874
  90. Lieutenant, Royal Artillery. Died at St Lucia, West Indies: "1795 [their] second son, aged 18, a first Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, who falling victim to the fatigues of the service in St Lucia, left a character amply testified by his superior officers": Gentleman`s Magazine, 1796
  91. Midshipman on the frigate Leda, lost off Madeira, 1796: "youngest son of Robert Le Get Esq, of Canterbury, a good man of very promising talents which, joined to an excellent disposition, made him universally beloved": Gentleman`s Magazine 1796
  92. Constable of St Clement
  93. Constable (St H), 1703-1707
  94. Constable (Tr)
  95. Parents of the Revd. Josué Bonhomme, Rector of St Peter
  96. Prévôt of St Helier 1641; Officier des Chemins, Mont à L'Abbé 1647
  97. Their three children died as infants. Marie m secondly Thomas Nicolle
  98. Died an infant
  99. Settled in England
  100. The late eminent genealogist Charles A. Bernau, in A Short Account of the Le Geyt dit Rauvet Family of St Saviour, Jersey, (1906) noted that Thomas Le Geyt (generation 2, above) is mentioned as owing the Crown in the 1528 Extente 4 cabots "for Mesnasshez" (Melesches). In that of 1607, it was owed by one of his representatives, "George Le Geitt for Hellier Le Geyt in discharge of Thomas Le Geyt in the right of his mother the daughter of John Debonaire". Thus the last-named Thomas Le Geyt owed this sum in 1528 in right of his mother, who is identified as being the daughter of John Debonaire. Furthermore, George Le Geyt, who is known to have been the son of Helier, the son of Johan, is shown to have been in the direct line of descent from Thomas Le Geyt, in generation 2. His grandfather, Johan Le Geyt, formerly thought to have been a possible member of the said Thomas` family, is thus shown to have been his son. The younger children in generations 2, 3 and 4 having been muddled by Messervy, as suggested in the footnote below, two Jean Le Geyts--those of generations 2 and 3--are now shown to have been almost certainly, one and the same person. Johan Le Geyt, father of Jacques Le Geyt who was bringing the 1581 action, who Messervy describes as having "died by 1581", had indeed died by then, in about 1533
  101. Of England. C. Hér. Volume 4: 26/04/1582: Messervy provides the details, namely that Jacques Le Geyt dit Rauvet, son of Johan, of England, stating his descent from Thomas Le Geyt son of Raulet, demanded his share of the inheritance from Michel Le Geyt dit Rauvet (see above, generation 3). Michel consented to the request. The eldest son or most senior heir, on the death of a family member, was responsible for the division of the inheritance and might be obliged to do so by legal action, as in this instance. Thus Michel Le Geyt was the senior heir of Thomas Le Geyt, son of Raulet. However, Messervy was uncertain, it seems, as to which generation Michel and his co-heir belonged. From the dates of those living in generations 1 and 2, there seems little reason to doubt that Michel was the son of Thomas and Jacques the latter`s grandson
  102. Messervy`s genealogy of the Le Geyt (dit Rauvet) family, published in ABSJ V, 247, has Jacques Pirouet as marrying his Le Geyt bride "before 1539". This would, and probably did, confuse the generations of this section of the genealogy. The date was probably meant to read "1589", the date their son, Jean Pirouet, was mentioned in a court case, with other members of the family

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