Descendants of Rauff Gruchy

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Descendants of Rauff Gruchy


This tree, added in 2019, originally based upon the research of the Reverend J A Messervy, now follows that of the late Walter J Le Quesne

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  • 1 Rauff Gruchy (1440- ) [1]
    • 2 John Gruchy (1465?- ) [2]
    • 2 François Gruchy (1470- ) of Trinity m unknown
      • 3 Lucas Gruchy (1505-1576) [3] m Michelle Le Boutillier d of Philippot, of Trinity
        • 4 François Gruchy (1540-1629) [4] m Marie La Cloche [5]
          • 5 Jean Gruchy (1575-1662) [6] m (1611, St H) Elizabeth Le Sueur (descendants)
          • 5 Luke Gruchy [7] m unknown
            • 6 Elizabeth Gruchy, living 1658
          • 5 Thomas Gruchy (1590-1665) [8] m (1625, St J) Sara Poingdestre d of Jean
            • 6 Thomas Gruchy (1627- ) m 1(1648, Tr) Elizabeth Bisson ( -1651) daughter of Philippe (Tr) and Marie Hamptonne; 2 (1660, St S) Marthe Anthoine
              • 7 Josué Gruchy (1649-1711) [9] m Esther Le Couteur daughter of Josué [10] (Tr)
                • 8 Charles Gruchy (1683-1724) m (1716, Tr) Susanne Marett
                  • 9 Charles Gruchy (1717-1733?) no issue
                  • 9 Thomas James Gruchy (1719-1780) [11] m (1740) Marie Dumaresq
                    • 10 Thomas James Gruchy ( -1766) unmarried
                  • 9 Anne Gruchy (1721- ) m (1744, St B) Edouard Martel
                • 8 Thomas Gruchy (1686- )
                • 8 Two sons without issue
                • 8 Esther Gruchy (1681-1736) m 1 (1703, Tr) Charles Bisson; [12] 2 (1712, St L) Jean Dolbel (St J)
                • 8 Jeanne Gruchy (1688- ) m (1714) Elie Nicolle
                • 8 Colette Gruchy m (1713, Tr) Jean Dolbel
              • 7 Sara Gruchy (1651- ) m (1681) Jacques Remon
            • by 2nd wife of Thomas Gruchy, Marthe Anthoine
              • 7 Marthe Gruchy ( -1708) m (1684) Laurens Remon
              • 7 Marie Gruchy (1665- ) m Clement Unknown
              • 7 Elizabeth Gruchy (1672- ) m Abraham Remon
              • 7 Marie Madoleine Gruchy (1668-1668)
              • 7 Jeanne Gruchy (1662- )
            • 6 Sara Gruchy (1628- ) m Abraham Remon
          • 5 Sara Gruchy (1585-1636), Benjamin Le Sueur
          • 5 Susanne Gruchy m Jean Le Vavasseur dit Noel
          • 5 Jeanne Gruchy m (1612, Tr) Jean Marett
        • 4 Helier Gruchy (1545-1613) m Catherine unknown
          • 5 Thomas Gruchy (1575- )
        • 4 Collette Gruchy m Clement Pinel [13]
        • 4 Catherine Gruchy, living 1592 m Jean Gallichan
      • 3 Jean Gruchy (1510- ) [14]
      • 3 Olivier Gruchy (1512- ) living 1549 [15]
      • 3 Vincent Gruchy(1515- ) living 1549 [16]
      • 3 Pierre Gruchy (1520- ) m Katherine unknown
        • 4 Jean Gruchy (1550-1606) m Marie Coutanche d of Jean
          • 5 Jean Gruchy (1580-1632) living 1610 [17] m Jeanne Le Boutillier (descendants)
          • 5 Pierre Gruchy (1584- ) living 1610
          • 5 Matthieu Gruchy(1587- ) living 1610
          • 5 Philippe Gruchy (1590-1654) living 1610 m (abt 1621) Guillemette Cabot d of Nicolas Cabot junior ( -1611) and Guillemette Nicolle
            • 6 Olivier Gruchy (1621-1705) [18] m (1655, Tr) Madeleine Michel (descendants)
            • 6 Philippe Gruchy (1623?-1704) m Catherine Le Sueur [19]
            • 6 Guillemette Gruchy (1625?- ) m (1652, Tr) Thomas de Gruchy s of Noé
            • 6 Elizabeth Gruchy (1626- ) m Thomas Bisson
            • 6 Martha Gruchy (1629?- ) m Philippe Benest
            • 6 Rachel Gruchy (1637- ) living 1658
          • 5 Marthe Gruchy (1593-1654) [20] m (1619, Tr) Jean Bisson son of Leonard
        • 4 Olivier Gruchy, ( -1614) Rector of St Clement, 1595-1614 [21] m Catherine Bisson d of Perrin
          • 5 Daniel Gruchy (1597-1677) Rector of St Peter, 1627-1651 and of St Mary, 1660-1677 m Catherine de Carteret
          • 5 Elizabeth Gruchy ( -1646) m Edouard Jutize (1610-1648) [22] (Gr)
        • 4 Guillemette Gruchy, living 1610 [23] m Jean Dutot
    • 2 James (de) Gruchy (1470?- ) [24] m unknown
      • 3 Thomyne Gruchy (1495?- ) m Nicolas Bisson of Trinity
      • 3 Andrée Gruchy (descendants)
    • 2 Collas Gruchy (1475- ) [25]

Notes and references

  1. Rauff Gruchy was born in about 1440. In the previous generation, Guillaume Grouchye bought in 1439, from Thomas de St Martin, two fields in Trinity, on the Fief de la Trinité, one of which was situated to the north-east of the purchaser's house: ABSJ, IV, 422. These fields, which are no doubt those still retaining the name Clos Gruchy (T.340 and 1299) are situated on that fief, in the west of the parish, at a distance of a few hundred metres to the north-east of Champs Clairs, a property long associated with Rauff Gruchy's descendants. Guillaume, therefore, may well have been Rauff's father or grandfather. Of significance, is a contract in the possession of the Jersey Archive, dated 1402, which features the names of Rauf (Radolphus) and Guillemet de Grochie, both of whom were tenants of the said Fief de la Trinité, in the same part of the parish: L/C/66/C1/2. Guillemet is a variant of Guillaume. If he was the Guillaume who purchased in 1439 the fields near Champs Clairs, or was his father, it is likely that the link between the Gruchys and de Gruchys has been discovered: see Descendants of Robin de Gruchy (1360)
  2. John Gruchy, the eldest son, died without surviving issue. His name is linked in Jersey, with that of others, to a legendary luring ashore of a Spanish ship, with the loss of many lives. A curse by a drowning woman is said to have covered good farmland in the west of St Brelade, in sand-dunes. In fact, geologists have established that these dunes considerably pre-date John! Furthermore, neither he nor any of his fellow conspirators bore St Brelade surnames. Legends, though, do often bear some element of fact. Perhaps he was a well-known smuggler, whose activities were thus exaggerated?
  3. Living, of age, in 1549
  4. François was the eldest son in a case heard before the Royal Court in 1588
  5. The Armorial of Jersey, 189, erroneously calls him "Rev Francis Grochie", probably confusing him with one of his clergyman cousins
  6. Vingtenier des Augrès, 1626
  7. MA. Vicar of Thorley, Isle of Wight, 1633-1663
  8. Vingtenier des Augrès, 1647-65
  9. Constable of Trinity
  10. Constable
  11. Privateer captain and Merchant in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the leaders of the Trinity uprising in 1769; unsuccessful candidate for Jurat, 1769
  12. Charles Bisson was the great-nephew of Elizabeth Bisson, above
  13. Son of the Rector of Grouville
  14. Rector of St Mary, 1552-1574
  15. Married twice, with issue in St John
  16. Vincent had no surviving issue. A case before the Cour d`Héritage in 1566 names his elder brother and principal heir as Lucas Gruchy and the other brothers as Sire Jean, Olivier and Pierre. This clarifies to which generation Pierre belongs
  17. Partage, dated 1610, (RP 3/126), of the inheritance of Jean Gruchy, son of Pierre, between Jean Gruchy, or Grochy, elder son, and his co-heirs, Pierre Gruchy, Matthieu Gruchy and Philippe Gruchy, "all children of the said Jean and of Marie, his wife, daughter of Jean Coutance"
  18. The eldest son in the 1658 `partage` of "Philippe Gruchy fils Jean"
  19. From Philippe Gruchy is descended the Gruchy family of Champs Clairs, Trinity
  20. Marthe Gruchy, missed in some Gruchy genealogies, features with her brothers Jean, Pierre, Matthieu and Philippe in the partage of their father`s and grandparents` inheritances, which were dealt with at the same time [RP 3/126 (1610)], although she and Philippe were still under the guardianship of Olivier Coutanche, a maternal relative. Apart from an income in rentes, significantly Marthe inherited 2 vergées 14 perches and 16 pieds in Le Clos de Lemprière. When she sold this in 1622 to Jean Gruchy fils François, it was as the wife of Jean Bisson, fils Leonard
  21. Regent of St Anastase 1592-5; Chaplain at Mont Orgueil, 1614
  22. The Revd. J.A. Messervy, in ABSJ VI, 272
  23. Partage, dated 1610, (R.P.3/95), of the inheritance of Pierre Gruchy and of Katherine, his wife, between Jean Grochie, elder son of the late Jean Gruchy, who was the elder son of Pierre and of his said wife, Olivier Gruchy, younger son of the said Pierre, and Guillemette Gruchy, widow of Jean Dutot, daughter of the said Pierre and his wife. The land involved, Messervy comments, seems to be near Trinity Manor
  24. James was a sermenté in 1515, appearing before, and assisting, the Crown Commissioners. His name appears as "de Gruchy". This was probably correct, in his case and that of his father, Rauff, as this abbreviated form of an already long-established Jersey surname, had only just come into use. He had issue, which included a son, Andrée. From a legal transaction in 1525, we see James (sic) owned land in Trinity, as well as in St John, in which latter parish, he had descendants
  25. Descendants in St John
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