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Descendants of Philippe de Quetteville



Girard de Quetteville (1834-1895) East India Broker and Seigneur of Noirmont, 1880-1895

A handwritten tree from Clement de Quetteville (gen 3) in the Société Jersiaise Library, with further research in church registers, first added to the site in 2013. It was checked, amplified, and updated in October 2018.

The couple at generation 1 moved to St Helier where all subsequent members of the family were baptised

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  • 1 Philippe de Quetteville (1717-1792- ) (St Mt > St H) living 1792 [1] m (1737, St H) Elizabeth Noel (1717-1792- ) d of Jean and Elizabeth Sohier (St Mt)
    • 2 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1738- )
    • 2 Francois de Quetteville (1740-1744)
    • 2 Jeanne de Quetteville (1742-1744)
    • 2 Francois de Quetteville (1744-1745)
    • 2 Jeanne de Quetteville (1746- ) unmarried
    • 2 Philippe de Quetteville (1748-1753)
    • 2 Esther de Quetteville (1750-1834) m (1773, St H) Jean Luce (1745-1818) of La Chênée [2] (St L)
    • 2 Francoise de Quetteville (1751-1752)
    • 2 Philippe de Quetteville (1753-1772)
    • 2 David de Quetteville (1755-1822) [3] m (1791, St H) Françoise Charlotte Magdeleine Girard (1768-1834) [4]
      • 3 Philippe de Quetteville (1792-1844) [5] m 1 (1819, Gr) Marie Mallet ( -1821) d of Jean; [6] 2 (1837, St L) Marie Luce (no issue)
        • 4 David de Quetteville (1820-1879) [7] m (1860, Gsy) Alice Rowan Cashel
          • 5 Philip David John de Quetteville (1861?-1875) unmarried [8]
        • 4 Philip Francis de Quetteville (1821-1847) unmarried [9]
      • 3 David de Quetteville (1794-1817) [10]
      • 3 Esther Françoise de Quetteville (1796-1865) [11] m (1819, Gr) Francis Wheeler Armstrong [12]
      • 3 Clement Jean de Quetteville (1797-1835) [13] m (1825, St S) Esther Elizabeth Nicolle (1798-1876) [14] d of Philip, Jurat, and Esther Winter
        • 4 Clement Augustus de Quetteville (1827-1899) [15] m (1856, St S) Anne Elizabeth Kelson (1836-1925) d of Charles, Lieut- Colonel
          • 5 Clement Charles de Quetteville (1858-1928) [16] m (1886, St James, Croydon) Florence Younghusband d of George, Merchant
            • 6 Florence May de Quetteville (1888-1916) d and heiress m (1912, Acton) Charles Ernest Deacon ( -1964) [17]
            • 6 Madeleine Violet de Quetteville (1891- ) unmarried
          • 5 Annie Mary de Quetteville (1859-1940) [18] unmarried
          • 5 Florence de Quetteville (1861-1953) unmarried
        • 4 William de Quetteville (1829-1909) M.A. (Oxon) [19] m (1862, Wilts.) Eliza Ludlow Porter (1833-1900) d of William, of Maperton, Somerset
          • 5 William Frederick Ludlow de Quetteville (1864-1925) M.A. (Oxon) [20] m (1894, Bayswater) Agnes Jessie Florence Buchanan Wingate d of William, Revd. [21]
            • 6 Robert George de Quetteville (1896-1975) O.B.E., M.C. [22] m 1 (1919, Kensington) Mary Emily Arden Austen-Cartmell; 2 (1946, Westminster) Kathleen H. Rothera
              • 7 Diana Mary de Quetteville (1927-1970) m (1957, Kensington) Peter L. Fell
              • 7 Hugh Ludlow de Quetteville (1930- ) [23]
        • 4 Philippe Winter de Quetteville (1830-1915) M.A. (Cantab) [24]
        • 4 Esther Frances de Quetteville (1831-1922) unmarried [25]
        • 4 Girard de Quetteville (1833-1833)
        • 4 Girard de Quetteville (1834-1895) [26]
        • 4 Jean François de Quetteville (1836-1837)
      • 3 Jean de Quetteville (1799-1867) [27] m (1829, St H) Frances Philadelphia Douthat (1806-1872) sister of John, of Lisbon [28]
        • 4 John David de Quetteville (1831-1854) unmarried
        • 4 Edwin Philip de Quetteville (1833-1836)
        • 4 Amy Adelaide de Quetteville (1834-1834)
    • 2 Jean de Quetteville (1757-1768)
    • 2 Francois de Quetteville (1759-1768)

Notes and references

  1. Settled in St Helier. His occupation is not known. His name has yet to be found in any 18th century shipping records or as a member of Jersey`s Chamber of Commerce. However, he evidently prospered as he was by 1792 what was then called a "Monsieur", denoting affluence
  2. Constable of St Lawrence, 1795-1798; Captain RJM
  3. Founder (by 1790) of the merchant firm of this name, in the cod and wine trade between Jersey, Newfoundland and the Mediterranean. His first vessel, which he owned for many years, was the 126 ton brig Swift. David de Quetteville was Procureur [Treasurer] of La Ville [St Helier], 1794-1802, and Treasurer of the Hospital, 1794-1800. By 1790, he was the owner of two vessels in the Newfoundland trade, totalling 221 tons, suggesting that he had been so engaged for at least a few years, perhaps from 1786. De Quetteville`s holding of public office in the early years of his career, demonstrates well that the Island`s North American fishery firms were run primarily from the Island itself. As a result of attacks upon British settlements on the southern coast of Newfoundland by American privateers, he moved his business in about 1812 from the Avalon Peninsula to the Labrador coast, operating from the Strait of Belle Isle. De Quetteville, who had been commissioned as an Ensign in the Army, in 1790, perhaps in Newfoundland, before moving to the Half-Pay List, 1791-1821, was responsible, between 1811 and 1818, for the construction of Le Quai des Marchands and the adjoining Commercial Buildings, St Helier. In this project, he shrewdly retained for his own and his family`s use, the corner, known as `de Quetteville Corner`, between Commercial Buildings and the `English Harbour`. In 1816, he owned still, two vessels, totalling 231 tons: A.G. Jamieson, (ed.) A People of the Sea, (Methuen, 1986), 315, 325
  4. Of Caen, in Normandy. Françoise Girard was the niece of Dr Chandespie, one of the French royalist refugees in Jersey, at that time
  5. Merchant and Colonel RJMA. His godparents were his paternal grandparents, Philippe de Quetteville and Elizabeth Noel, his wife, acting with "Mons. Jean Charles Chandpie [Chandespie], Oncle" and Jeanne de Quetteville, the infant`s paternal aunt. He was Treasurer of the Hospital, 1822; Centenier of St Helier, 1827 and Constable of St Helier, 1827-1830. He was also at one-time President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce. He and his brothers Clement and Jean expanded the de Quetteville fleet to ten vessels by 1842, totalling 1,332 tons
  6. Rector of Grouville
  7. His grandfather, David de Quetteville, was his godfather in 1820 and Dlle Esther de Quetteville, widow of Jean Luce Ecr, his godmother. The senior partner in his family`s merchant firm, he was also, from 1851, a Jurat of the Royal Court. On the death of Pierre Le Sueur, de Quetteville was a possible candidate for the leadership of the Island`s Rose Party, a party long associated with moderate reform. However, W.L. de Gruchy wrote, in Jersey, My Reminiscences, (Jersey Society in London, 1923), 10, that "Mr David de Quetteville, whose abilities would have fitted him to be the Rose leader, had the ambition of rallying both parties to support the Island cause against encroachments from Government House and Whitehall: which became, at last, more of a personal obsession than a possible basis of action". He furthermore excited public opinion in vehemently opposing the proposed St Helier to St Aubin railway line, letting nothing stand in his way. This involved resorting to the ancient, but rarely used legal procedure known as the Clameur de Haro, which derives its name from Rollo, first Duke of Normandy, and consists of appealing on bended knee to Rollo: "Haro! Haro! Haro! à l`aide, mon prince". All work on the offending project has then to instantly halt, until the case has been heard in court and judgement passed. De Quetteville lost. He did not help himself greatly by then insisting on being on the first train, to see what it would be like! The nickname "Haro de Quetteville" followed. De Quetteville was also a militia captain. Regrettably, the Jersey bank crashes of 1873 ruined David de Quetteville and Company. For the remaining six years of his life, `Haro` de Quetteville struggled to evade personal bankrupcy, living in rental accommodation
  8. The Chronique de Jersey, 24 March 1875, reported: "Philip David John de Quetteville, only son of Judge David de Quetteville, killed 5 January 1875 from a fall from the cross-trees of the mizzen mast of the vessel Loch Meree, on its voyage from Melbourne"
  9. Master Mariner; master of the de Quetteville schooner Belus, 88 tons (1840) and of their barque Echo, 422 tons (1842)
  10. The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 12, 503, lists graduations at Edinburgh in 1816, which include the younger "David de Quetteville from Jersey [who wrote] De Asphyxiae Causis". Presumably following Dr Chandespie in his choice of career, David junior suffered the fate of many medical students and young doctors of that day who, frequently exposed to infectious ailments, died prematurely
  11. Esther Françoise de Quetteville, wife of F. W. Armstrong, was in 1848 part owner, with her nephew David and brother Jean, of the 148 ton brig Nameless [Jersey Shipping Register]. Women, in Jersey, were frequently involved in their family businesses, would inherit shares in ships, receive their share of the vessel`s profits and often assist with the paperwork. Her portrait survives at St Ouen`s Manor, the present seigneur being a descendant of the Armstrongs, into which family she married
  12. Of St Peter`s House, Jersey, Captain, H.M. Army
  13. Merchant: "De Quetteville Frères," Captain RJM and purchaser, between 1824 and 1826 of land at Mont Millais, St Helier, for use as a quarry: Linda Romeril in Jersey Evening Post, 14 April 2017, 18
  14. The Nicolles, formerly wool merchants in St John, had moved into the cod trade in about 1792. They were, by 1816, in partnership with Philip Winter, Jersey`s leading shipowners, with seven vessels and a total tonnage of 1,483 tons: Jamieson, op.cit., 325, 257, who also mentions that "the wife of C.J. de Quetteville was a co-partner with Nicolle of Newfoundland and Jersey", giving her husband`s family, once again, a Newfoundland trade
  15. Jurat (1880), Lieutenant-Bailiff and Major, RJM. He was a Merchant, with an interest in both "David de Quetteville and Company" and "Nicolle, de Quetteville and Company", the latter run with his maternal relatives. He lived at 1, Clarence Terrace, St Helier, almost opposite the quarry opened in his father`s time, in which he retained an interest. This was no doubt fortunate, as both of the de Quetteville firms were driven into liquidation by the 1873 Jersey Bank crashes. His younger brother, Girard, was after 1873, in fact, the only member of the immediate family in Jersey to enjoy prosperity. His choice of an heir in 1895, was therefore a source of some resentment to his elder brother. The latter and his family had moved by 1886 to 1, Don Terrace
  16. Settled in England, living at `Rosemead`, Acton, and commuting to the City of London; Foreign Banker
  17. Of The Bank of England
  18. She lived with her sister Florence, at Holland House, Val Plaisant, St Helier
  19. Rector of Brinkworth, Wiltshire, and then heir of his brother Girard in 1895, as Seigneur of Noirmont. He was latterly much indisposed
  20. Barrister-at-Law; Crown Court Recorder. He had sold the fief and manor of Noirmont on inheriting it from his father in 1909, remaining in England
  21. Florence Wingate was the sister of Sir Andrew Wingate, KCIE
  22. Served as an officer in The Green Howards and The Yorkshire Regiment in WW1, attaining the rank of Captain. He was afterwards the Director of an Insurance Brokerage and a Member of Lloyd`s of London
  23. Educated at Eton. Company Director and Charities Administrator
  24. Curate of Stodmarsh, near Canterbury, 1859; then Curate of Littleworth, 1873; Chaplain in Rotterdam, 1874-1876. He was afterwards of La Tourelle, (which he had built), Route des Côtes du Nord, Trinity, where his arms, until some years ago, featured on the entrance arch. They are now relocated and are at Boulivot, Grouville
  25. Lived at 35, Holland Villas Road, Kensington with her brother Girard, and then at Holland House, Val Plaisant, St Helier. Her Will included the above bequest of money for a library in memory of her brother, at Victoria College
  26. East India Broker, City of London, living with his sister, Elizabeth Françoise. He returned to Jersey in 1881, having bought, the previous year, Noirmont Manor and the Seigneurie of Noirmont. W.L. de Gruchy wrote that he, Girard de Quetteville and Miss Le Couteur of Belle Vue had each paid one-third of the cost of the restoration of The Fishermen`s Chapel, in St Brelade. De Quetteville`s oil on canvas portrait, painted in about 1880, was given by his sister to Victoria College, with a bequest that enabled the creation there of a new library, that was to bear his name
  27. Merchant; a partner in "De Quetteville Frères". He was a property owner in several parts of Jersey, including at Mont à L`Abbé and in the vicinity of St Andrew`s Park. He inherited land surrounding David Place, which he named after his father
  28. John Douthat of Lisbon was Frances` next of kin, on her death in 1872
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