Descendants of Philippe Nicolle

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Descendants of Philippe Nicolle


This tree was researched from parish registers and other records following the receipt in 2017 of the photograph of John Villeneuve Nicolle, who died in his early 20s in Turkey. The tree was reviewed by Guy Dixon in 2021 and extended by two generations at the top, with a considerable amount of detail added throughout the tree

John Villeneuve Nicolle

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  • 1 Philippe Nicolle (1680- )
    • 2 Jean Nicolle (1710-1762) [1] (St J) m (1734, St J) Marguerite Le Vesconte (1713-1765) daughter of Michel and Marguerite Laell (St My)
      • 3 Marguerite Nicolle (1737-by 1744) [2] (St J)
      • 3 Elizabeth Nicolle (1741- ) (St J)
      • 3 Marguerite Nicolle (1744-1819) [3] (St J) m (1765, St J) Pierre Dallain [4] (St J)
      • 3 Philippe Nicolle (1746-5/1835) [5] (St J) [6] m 1 (1766, St J) Elizabeth Mauger (1744-1787) daughter of Jean (St J); [7] 2 (1789, St B) Susanne Le Vesconte ( -1823) (St B)
        • 4 Elizabeth Marguerite Nicolle (1767-1842) m (1785, Tr) Jean Poingdestre [8] (St J)
        • 4 Philippe Nicolle (1769-1/1835) Jurat [9] m (1796, Tr) Esther Winter (1773-1849) daughter of Philippe [10] and Esther Villeneuve
          • 5 Esther Elizabeth Nicolle (1798-1801) [11]
          • 5 Philip Winter Nicolle (1799-1801)
          • 5 Philip Winter Nicolle (1801-1887) Jurat [12]
          • 5 Esther Elizabeth Nicolle (1802-1876) m Clement Jean de Quetteville (1797-1835) [13] s of David
          • 5 Josue Mauger Nicolle (1803-1806)
          • 5 Jean Nicolle (1804-1838) [14]
          • 5 Elizabeth Nicolle (1805-1886) m (1826, St H) George Thomas Charleton [15]
          • 5 Julie Nicolle (1806-1850) m (1829, St S) Isaac Hilgrove Gosset (1803-1850) [16]
          • 5 Jane Nicolle (1807- ) m (1855, St H) Charles Adolphe Ginestet, MD [17] son of Jean Pierre [18]
          • 5 Anne Charlotte Nicolle (1808-1887) (St J)
          • 5 Joshua Mauger Nicolle (1810-1881) [19] m (1837, St H) Harriet Beresford Nicolson (1817-1898) daughter of Gideon, Major
            • 6 Harriet Elizabeth Esther Nicolle (1838-1839)
            • 6 Harriet Eliza Esther Nicolle (1841-1933) m (1863, St S) Daniel Philip Janvrin (1837-1867) [20]
            • 6 Philip Winter Nicolle (1843-1897) [21] m (1891, Paddington) Janet Annie Cunningham (1853-1908) daughter of Thomas [22]
            • 6 Mary Elizabeth Nicolle (1843-1918) unmarried
            • 6 Esther Charlotte Nicolle (1845-1932)
            • 6 Joshua Mauger Nicolle (1847-1940) [23] m (1884, Lon) Mary Catherine Robertson (1849- ) daughter of Frederick
              • 7 John MacArthur Nicolle (1886-1964) [24] m (1918, Paddington) Catherine Myra Battiscombe (1897-1967) daughter of George Christopher (Bucks)
              • 7 Frederick Robertson Nicolle (1888-1951) [25]
              • 7 Grace Nicolle (1890-1989)
              • 7 Arthur Villeneuve Nicolle (1892-1970) [26] m (1928, Eng.) Alice Marguerite Cobbold (Norfolk) daughter of Robert Cobbold
                • 8 Mary Cobbold Nicolle (1929- ) m Tim Jones
                • 8 Frederick Villeneuve Nicolle (1931- ) [27] m (1957, Kensington) Helia Immaculate Walker daughter of Edward Alan and Lady Mary Crichton-Stuart (with issue)
                • 8 Robert Arthur Bethune Nicolle (1934-2021) [28] m (1963) Anne Carolyn Kershaw daughter of Sir John Anthony (with issue)
                • 8 Rachel Nicolle m (1964, Sx) Stelios Seferiades
            • 6 John Villeneuve Nicolle (1849-1871) [29] died in Turkish Arabia
            • 6 Julia Roberta Matilda Nicolle (1853- )
            • 6 Hilgrove Clement Nicolle (1856-1908) [30] died in Colombo, Ceylon
            • 6 Constance Annie Nicolle (1859-1929)
          • 5 Harriet Nicolle (1813- )
        • 4 Josue Mauger Nicolle (1771 -)
        • 4 Pierre Tyson Nicolle (1773-by 1828) [31] m (1809, St J) Rachel Baudains (St J)
          • 5 Rachel Nicolle (1811- ) living 1828
        • 4 Marguerite Nicolle (1774- ) [32]
        • 4 Jean Nicolle (1776-1846) [33]
        • 4 Rachel Nicolle (1777- ) unmarried
        • 4 Susanne Marie Nicolle (1779- ) [34] m (1798) Jean Vibert
        • 4 Edouard Nicolle (1781-1851) [35] m (1805, St J) Anne Winter (1776- ) daughter of Philippe (above) and Esther Villeneuve
          • 5 Edouard Nicolle (1807-1880) [36] m (1832, St H) Susanne Matthews (St H)
          • 5 Anne Nicolle (1810- ) unmarried [37]
          • 5 Charlotte Nicolle (1813- ) unmarried
          • 5 Philippe Nicolle (1816-by 1878) [38] m 1 (1840, St H) Frances Johnston Grant (1812-1843)
            • 6 Edward Grant Nicolle (1842- ) unmarried [39]
            • 6 Philip Henry Villeneufve Nicolle (1843-1844)
          • by the 2nd wife of Philippe Nicolle m (1845, St H) Emma Louise Bernard (1819-1892) [40] daughter of William
            • 6 Charles Nicolle (7/1846- ) [41] RN (1862)
            • 6 Emily Nicolle (7/1846-1847) twin
            • 6 Maria Lord Nicolle (1847-1910) [42] unmarried
            • 6 Florence Bernard Nicolle (1852- ) m (1878, Lancs) Archibald William Clarke [43]
          • 5 Elizabeth Esther Nicolle (1818-1897) [44] unmarried
        • 4 Anne Nicolle (1782- ) [45]
        • 4 Marie Nicolle (1784- ) unmarried
        • 4 Charlotte Nicolle (1787- ) [46] unmarried

Notes and References

  1. Jean Nicolle`s marriage entry in St John`s Register reads: "Jean Nicolle, fils Philippe, de St Jean and Marguerite Le Vesconte, fille Michel, de Ste Marie," thus providing the name of the groom`s father, as well as that of the bride
  2. Godparents: Mr Philippe Le Vesconte of St Mary and his wife
  3. Godparents: Mr Michel Le Vesconte and Mse Elizabeth Boille
  4. "Me Pierre Dallain and Mse Marguerite Nicolle, his wife" were in 1767 the godparents of Elizabeth Marguerite Nicolle, the elder daughter of Mr Philippe Nicolle and Mse Elizabeth Mauger, his wife, who married Lieutenant Jean Poingdestre
  5. Philippe Nicolle senior died in May 1835, and his son, Philippe Nicolle, the Jurat, died in January that year. The age at death of the father was given as 88 years. He would thus have been born between May 1746 and May 1747. The early St John Register entries halt on 27 February 1746 and only resume in 1751. What record there was of baptisms between these dates, appears to have been lost. However, on strong godparent evidence, including that of Pierre Dallain and his wife, Philippe Nicolle senior can be identified as being a son of Jean Nicolle and Marguerite Le Vesconte (see below). A datestone at the family property, Herupe, reads PNC 1766, suggesting that Philippe had inherited the property by then
  6. Landowner and Wool Merchant. Unsuccessful candidate for Constable of St John, 1784
  7. Niece of Josue Mauger (1725-1788)
  8. Lieutenant, R.N.
  9. Constable of St John, 1795-1798, as "Philippe Nicolle junior;" Jurat, 1810-1835; Merchant in the Wool Trade, and then in that of Newfoundland cod (1792); Shipbuilder. His family, in the mid-18th century, were affluent farmers in the Vingtaine of Herupe, St John, who had then become prominent Wool Merchants. Their first vessel was said to have been built beside their St John home, in situ, and then transported to the sea. Thus was begun, a fleet that went from one vessel in 1792, to seven in 1816, in partnership with their brother-in-law Philippe Winter. They were, in 1816, the Island`s leading shipowners. Their fleet, moreover, continued to increase in size over the next twelve years. In 1828, Philippe Nicolle owned no less than eighteen vessels. Their head office and stores were at 22, Commercial Buildings, St Helier. In 1828, he and others founded the Jersey Banking Company
  10. Master Mariner, then Merchant and shipowner in the Newfoundland fisheries
  11. Godparents: Mons. Philippe Nicolle, Grandfather, and Dlle Susanne Le Vesconte, his wife. She will have been the step-grandmother
  12. Of Beau Desert, St Saviour. Merchant and Shipowner in his father`s firm, of which he became the senior partner. He was a Jurat from 1837-1866. He never married
  13. Merchant in his father`s firm in the Labrador fisheries; Captain RJM
  14. Died aged 33 years 10 months
  15. Captain, Royal Artillery
  16. Merchant, St Helier; drowned, with his wife, in a shipwreck in September 1850
  17. Widower. Exiled Physician, Journalist and later Socialist Conseiller of Niort, France. In Jersey, he and Jane lived in her family home at 9, Pier Road, St Helier, with the children of Ginestet`s first marriage. After Jane`s death in Niort, he married thirdly, (1877, Niort) Elizabeth Barette
  18. Merchant, of Avignon, France
  19. Of 1 Portland Place, St Helier in 1851 (St Helier Census). Merchant and shipowner in the Newfoundland fisheries. The Nicolle firm was badly affected by the American Civil War having caused loss of sales in the southern states, one of their principal markets. In 1863 they withdrew from their banking partnership and sold ships and assets in Newfoundland. Joshua Mauger Nicolle, however, managed to survive this crisis by entering into a new partnership with his nephew, Clement Augustus de Quetteville, as "Nicolle, de Quetteville and Co." Misfortune struck again, in the form of Jersey`s 1873 bank crashes, occasioned by an international depression. Their remaining Newfoundland assets were mostly purchased by de Gruchy, Renouf, Clement and Co.
  20. Gentleman, a member of the Jersey family that had been predominant, until 1840, in the Nova Scotian fisheries. LLB (Cantab)
  21. OV; attending Victoria College from 1856
  22. Merchant
  23. OV; Civil servant in London, Board of Trade
  24. Civil servant, Trinity House. Served in the Great War as 2nd Lieutenant, South Staffordshire Regiment
  25. Civil Servant
  26. BSc. (Engineering) (Lond.), C.Eng. Junior Engineer, Indian Railways (1914); served in WW1 as Lieutenant, then Captain, Indian Army Infantry Reserve. Of St Peter`s House, Jersey. Company director in London. Believed to have been the first man to own his own plane in Jersey. Jurat of the Royal Court, from 1933 but left Jersey before the German Occupation
  27. MB, BCh, FRCS (Can) Educated at Eton; Plastic Surgeon
  28. Educated at Eton; Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards (Nat. Service), Merchant Banker and Company Director
  29. OV; attended Victoria College from 1862
  30. OV; Assistant Auditor, Cyprus, 1880; Auditor-General, 1883; Auditor, Hong Kong, 1890; Treasurer and Acting Auditor-General, Cyprus, 1904; died in Ceylon, 1909: Victoria College Register, 1852-1929, 69
  31. Godparents: Me Nicolas Renouf and Mse Sara Le Vesconte, his wife
  32. Godparents: Me Nicolas Le Couteur and Mse Sara Le Vesconte
  33. Godparents: Jean de Carteret Gent. and Dlle Elizabeth Le Vesconte, his wife. Jean Nicolle was Constable of St John, 1810-1811, 1815-1832, 1835-1841. Died aged 69 years, 8 months in 1846; buried St John
  34. Godfather: Pierre Dallain
  35. Constable of St Helier, 1818-1821 and 1824-1827. He was elected Jurat in 1835, to succeed his brother, an office he held until 1850. He was, from time to time, Lieut-Bailiff. A wealthy member of the Nicolle shipowning family, his home was in 1841 Midvale House, in what would become Midvale Road. Edouard Nicolle latterly ran his own shipping firm and was the owner of a ropewalk, hence the 1841 description "Rope Manufacturer and Merchant." In 1851, he was living at the same address: St Helier Censuses
  36. Assistant Inspector of Militia and Gentleman Farmer of 45 acres at Springfield House, Springfield Road: 1851 St Helier Census; Lieut-Colonel RJM and Landed Proprietor, of Midvale House: 1861 St Helier Census
  37. Living in 1881 at Midbay House, St Lawrence, with her sisters Charlotte and Elizabeth, and nephew Edward Grant Nicolle, aged 38; all unmarried
  38. Merchant, living at 2, Egerton Place, St Helier in 1851 (Census); Captain RJM
  39. Living 1911, unmarried
  40. Emma Louise`s brother, William Bernard, was a Captain in the 19th Regiment: St Helier 1851 Census
  41. OV; entered Victoria College 1859
  42. Godfather: William Lord Esq Maria died in Hampshire
  43. Major 4th Royal Lancashire Militia
  44. Her Will, made in 1891, provided for her sisters Anne and Charlotte Nicolle, and nephew Edward Grant Nicolle, son of Philippe. Miss Charlotte Nicolle was the executrix in 1897: D/Y/A/56/71, at the Jersey Archive
  45. Godparents: James de Carteret, Gent and Mse Anne Le Vesconte, his wife
  46. Charlotte`s godparents departed from the Le Vesconte theme, being her elder sister Elizabeth Marguerite Nicolle and her husband, Jean Poingdestre, Gent
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