Descendants of John Bishop

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Descendants of John Bishop


This tree was added to the site in September 2017 after checking against parish records. Honor, or Honour, whose middle name was Hoar, is shown in Jersey baptismal records and at her marriage in England as Edmunds. She is not to be confused with another Honor, whose maiden name was Riggs, who married an English John Bishop and remained in that country

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  • 1 John Bishop (1786, Sidmouth, Devon??-by 1851) [1] m (1812- ) Honor Hoare Edmunds (1792-1863) [2]
    • 2 Honour Hoar Bishop (1813?-1821) (St H)
    • 2 William Henry Bishop (1815-1881) (St H) [3] m Elizabeth Ford (1805- )
      • 3 Charles Bishop (1830- ) [4]
      • 3 William Henry Bishop (1838-1873) (St H) [5] m (1862, St O) Matilda Frances Woodman d of Samuel (Somerset)
        • 4 Alfred Stuart Bishop (1865-1866)
        • 4 Edward Adolphus Bishop (1868-1934) [6] m (1894?) Elizabeth ( - )
          • 5 Elizabeth Ellen Bishop (1901- )
        • 4 Matilda Bishop (1870- ) m 1 (1890, St H) Harry Gould; [7] 2 (1903, St H) William Francis Syborn [8]
        • 4 Florence Harriet Bishop (1873-1873)
      • 3 John Steward Bishop (1840- ) (St H)
      • 3 Elizabeth Jane Bishop (1842- ) (St H) m 1 Vincent John Berry; [9] 2 (1883, Holborn) William Henry Pilcher [10]
      • 3 George John Bishop (1844- ) (St H) [11] m (1867, St S) Celia Lavinia Davey (1843-1889) d of John Robert (St B)
        • 4 George John Bishop (1868-1939) [12] m (1890, Essex) Constance Rosalie Lizzie Jeune (1863-1927) d of Henry Alfred [13] and of Elizabeth Ann, née Gooch (St H)
          • 5 Henry Jeune Bishop (1892-1960) [14] m (1926, Coulsdon) Doris Lucy Salmon d of William Frederick [15]
          • 5 Rosalie Madeline Bishop (1894- )
          • 5 Hilda Jeune Bishop (1896-1981) [16]
          • 5 Marguerite Jeune Bishop (1898- )
          • 5 Alfred Jeune Bishop (1902- ) [17] m (1925, Ealing) Kathleen Minnie Heritage d of Walter [18]
        • 4 Amelia Fanny Bishop (1869- )
      • 3 Mary Jane Bishop (1847- ) (St H) m (1866, St O) Philippe Le Geyt
    • 2 James Bishop (1819- ) (St H) [19]
    • 2 Louisa Bishop (1822-1824) (St H) [20]
    • 2 Emelie Bishop (1823-1824) (St H)
    • 2 Thomas Bishop (1825-1893) (New York) [21] m (USA) Unknown
    • 2 Charles Bishop (1827-1829) (St H)
    • 2 Julia Bishop (1828- ) (St H) [22]
    • 2 Henry Bishop (1830- ) (St H) [23]

Notes and References

  1. Master Mariner, Captain in 1830 of the Jersey vessel Othello, as was his brother Peter, in the following year: John Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Phillimore, 1982), 130, who suspected that the two men must have been brothers. One of John Bishop`s three younger sons, James, followed his father to sea
  2. Honor Hoare Edmunds` bridegroom was described on the 5th January 1812, in Hampshire, England, Allegations for Marriage Licenses, 1689-1837, (available online at, as John Bishop of St Brelade, Jersey, aged 21 [born therefore about 1789/90]. John Bishop`s genealogy is given in Descendants of Anthoine Bishop. Honor returned to England, as a widow, to live in Portsea Island. She was described in censuses as "Proprietor of Houses" (1851) and "Annuitant, [living on] Interest on Life Property" (1861)
  3. William Henry Bishop was a Cabinet Maker in Church Street, St Helier, in 1841. In 1851, William was working as an Upholsterer, living at 4, Church Street, and giving his place of birth as Exeter, Devon. He was christened in England (30/03/1815 at Harpford, Devon) to John Bishop and Honour, his wife, as was presumably his elder sister, Honour Hoar Bishop, before his father returned to Jersey
  4. Apprentice Cabinet Maker in 1841, aged 11 years
  5. The younger William Henry Bishop`s occupation was given as "Cabinet Maker" at his daughter`s wedding in 1890
  6. Edward Adolphus Bishop settled in England, living in 1911 in North London. In the census that year, his occupation was given as Storekeeper. He had been married 16 years to Elizabeth, who had been born at Bethnal Green, whilst Edward gave St Helier, Jersey, as his place of birth. They had just the one child born of their union, Elizabeth Ellen Bishop, who was then aged 9 years. Edward`s death was recorded in Edmonton District in the last quarter of 1934, "aged 66"
  7. Coachman
  8. Blacksmith, his bride being described as "Widow of Harry Gould"
  9. Master Mariner
  10. Accountant
  11. Cabinet Maker in 1861, then Tobacconist and in 1911, Undertaker
  12. Tobacconist. Died in St Helier "aged 72"
  13. Son of James Thomas Jeune
  14. Born and baptised in Essex, he spent his boyhood in St Helier, Jersey, returning to England by 1926, where he worked as a Textile Buyer (1926); he died in Worthing
  15. Dyer
  16. Living in England, Hilda was an unmarried School Teacher in 1939: England and Wales Register
  17. Settled in England. His 1925 marriage record rather bizarrely states that his father, George John Bishop, Tobacconist, was by then deceased
  18. Clerk
  19. Mariner: His online records show him to have been 5 foot 3 inches, brown haired, with grey eyes. He had served in the Royal Navy for three years, and had first gone to sea as a Boy in 1831. He was ticketed at the age of 28 years. Ships on which he served were Hero, (1837), Fair Acadian, (1838), Caroline, (1844) and Calcutta, (1845): at
  20. Louisa`s godparents were Mr Peter Bishop and Mary Eastgate
  21. Thomas`s Jersey godparents were John Brine and Mary Bishop. Thomas emigrated in about 1840 to the United States of America. A Bank Clerk, he died aged 69 years in 1893 at Brooklyn, New York. His online Death Certificate states that he was born in "Jersey, English Channel" and had lived in the U.S.A. for 53 years and was married: at
  22. Governess, living with her widowed mother in Portsea Island, Hampshire, 1851
  23. Henry`s godparents were Henry Tissier and Mary Ann Brine. It is possible that Henry followed his brother Thomas to the United States of America. A man of the right name and age, born in "Great Britain", an Accountant, travelled in 1870 to New York, with his wife Mary Ann. The lack of exact detail, however, as to the place of birth, prevents certainty
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