Descendants of Jean de Gruchy and Nancy Mollet

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Descendants of Jean de Gruchy


This tree was added in 2010 and has been comprehensively reviewed on a number of occasions since by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes


Gladys Oakey, née de Gruchy (1890-1977)
with her husband and daughter, in about 1918

Beau Parcq, formerly called Mont Billot, Trinity

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  • 1 Jean de Gruchy (1774-1822) [1] m (1794, Tr) Nancy Mollet daughter of Charles of Trinity and Elizabeth de Gruchy
    • 2 Nancy de Gruchy (1795-1876) m 1 (1825, St H) Philippe de Gruchy; 2 (1868, St S) Jean François Journeaux
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy (1798-1838) m (1820, Tr) Bettey Pallot (1799- ) [2]
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1821- ) [3] m (1847, Tr) Sophie Le Feuvre daughter of Philippe (St H)
        • 4 Sophie de Gruchy (1848-1851)
        • 4 John de Gruchy (1850- ) [4] m 1 (1882, St H) Julia Sophia Valentine Le Sueur [5] daughter of Thomas [6] and Julia Mary Aubin
          • 5 Ruby Julia de Gruchy (1883- ) m (1907, St H) Francis William Valpy [7]
        • 2nd wife of John de Gruchy, (1898, St H) Rosa Gertrude Godfray daughter of Thomas [8] and Emma Rachel
          • 5 Rosa Godfray de Gruchy (1901-1993) m 1 (1927, London) Francis Edwin Warren, [9]; 2 (1953) William John Ottley
        • 4 Charles de Gruchy (1852-1908) [10] m (1880, Gr) Anna Le Boutillier daughter of Philippe (St H) [11] and Ann Le Templier (St C)
          • 5 Percy Charles John de Gruchy (1880-1953) OBE [12] m (1904, Percé) Eva Baker daughter of James, of Cape Cove
            • 6 Reginald Percy de Gruchy (1905- ) (Gaspe) m (Canada) Jean Charlotte Le Touzel
            • 6 Doris Joyce de Gruchy (1909- ) m (Can) Robert Whitcombe
            • 6 Charles James Gerald de Gruchy (1913- )
            • 6 Wallace George de Gruchy (1915- )
            • 6 William Ralph de Gruchy (1920- ) [13] m (Canada) Doreen Miller [14]
            • 6 Charles Kenneth de Gruchy (1926- ) m (Canada) Eveline Scott [15]
          • 5 Maud de Gruchy (1882?- ) m (1908, St H) Anquetil Philip Norman ( -1917) [16]
          • 5 Rita de Gruchy (1885- ) (Canada) married in Canada
          • 5 Gladys de Gruchy (1890-1977) m (1910, St H) John William Oakey [17]
          • 5 Others died in infancy
        • 4 George de Gruchy (1855-1885) [18] m (1877, St S) Lydia Susannah Le Marquand (1854-1931) daughter of Pierre and Mary Elizabeth, nee MacKridge
          • 5 Eva Sophia de Gruchy (1877- ) m (1901, Southampton) Charles Edward Nursey
          • 5 May Mackeridge de Gruchy (1879-1924)
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1823-1872) [19] m (1845, Tr) Marie Corbel
        • 4 Mary Ann de Gruchy (1845-1929) [20]
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1850- ) [21] m (1873, Tr) Eliza Jane Parsons
          • 5 Ada Mary de Gruchy (1873- )
          • 5 Eliza Jane Fanny de Gruchy (1875- )
          • 5 Arthur de Gruchy (1877-1878)
          • 5 Florence de Gruchy (1878- )
          • 5 Philip John de Gruchy (1880-1880)
      • 3 Charles de Gruchy (1825-1890) [22]
      • 3 Abraham de Gruchy (1827-1877) [23] m (1861, Tr) Susannah Harriet Hands
        • 4 Abraham Walter de Gruchy (1863-1940) [24] m (1902, Canada) Laura Lettie Munro (1881-1947)
          • 5 Dorothy Marguerite de Gruchy (1903-1982) m (1921, Canada) Jack Fritz Lorraine [25]
          • 5 Reginald Munro de Gruchy (1907-1967) m Marion Graves
        • 4 Eliza Susan de Gruchy (1865- ) m (1887, St S) Robert Staggal Stone (St H)
        • 4 Alfred Charles de Gruchy (1869- )
      • 3 Thom de Gruchy (1829-1881) [26] m (1860, Tr) Esther Blampied (Tr)
        • 4 Thomas John de Gruchy (1860- ) [27] m Theresa Unknown
          • 5 Lilian de Gruchy, of Bournemouth
        • 4 Helen de Gruchy (1861- ) m (1886, St H) Walter Le Quesne [28]
        • 4 Eliza de Gruchy (1863- ) m Philip Filleul
        • 4 Esther de Gruchy (1864-1867)
      • 3 François de Gruchy (1832- ) [29] m (1858, Tr) Jane Le Boutillier [30]
        • 4 Jane Elizabeth de Gruchy (1860- ) m (1885, Tr) Philip William Kelling [31]
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1862- ) m George Drelaud
        • 4 Alice Mary de Gruchy (1864-1873)
        • 4 Ann Florence de Gruchy (1866-1867)
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1834-1834)
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1837- ) m (1872, St S) Philip Herivel
    • 2 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1799-1800)
    • 2 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1801-1821)
    • 2 Philippe de Gruchy (1803-1839)
    • 2 Marguerite de Gruchy (1809-1868) m 1 (1834, St S) François Eve; 2 (1842, Tr) Charles Le Sueur
    • 2 Pierre Charles de Gruchy (1814- )

Notes and references

  1. Of Mont Billot (1822)
  2. She was living in 1851 as a widow at Mont Billot
  3. Of Mont Billot and 23 Bath Street, St Helier, shoemaker employing, in 1861, 36 men and part-owner (1844) of the cutter Seaflower. The initials and date: "IDGC SLF 1847 are engraved over the door at Beau Parcq
  4. Of Hohenlinden, Claremont Road, Mont Millais, Shoe manufacturer
  5. This corrects Le Feuvre in Le Quesne and Dixon: The de Gruchys of Jersey
  6. Of St Saviour, farmer
  7. Of 36 Colomberie, St Helier, Master tailor and centenier
  8. Solicitor
  9. Clerk, Bank of England
  10. Of Cape Cove, Gaspé, agent for Charles Robin and Co. and then merchant in the Canadian fisheries, settling in Canada
  11. Mariner, son of George, Cultivator, of Grouville
  12. Agent in the Canadian fisheries; Lieutenant, Canadian Army, 1914-18; Major, Canadian Army, OBE, ED
  13. Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.; formerly (1946) Captain, 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Canadian Army. MBE. posted in the Gazette, 24 January 1946
  14. Descendants in Canada
  15. Descendants in Canada
  16. Anquetil Norman went into banking (Capital and Counties Bank) but volunteered for action during the Boer War, subsequently serving from 1901 with the Scottish Horse. He settled afterwards in Vancouver, British Columbia, but on the outbreak of the First World War he immediately volunteered to serve again rising, on this occasion to the rank of Major, in the 7th Canadians. He was wounded at Ypres in 1916 and killed in action at Vimy Ridge, Easter Monday 1917. He and Maud were the parents of the future Brigadier Norman
  17. Afterwards managing firector of his family business, John Oakey and Sons, emery manufacturers
  18. Petit Augrès, Trinity, farmer
  19. Ville à L`Evêque, Shoemaker
  20. Died in St Helier, on 26 June 1929
  21. Of St Helier, carter
  22. Master shoemaker, employing eight men, 1851, at Mont Billot. His will, proved in November 1890, mentions his niece, Jane Elizabeth de Gruchy (daughter of his brother François), wife of Philip William Kelling; his niece, Elizabeth de Gruchy, wife of George Drelaud and his elder brother, the residual legatee, John de Gruchy
  23. Master mariner. He began his sea-going career as carpenter on the Jersey ship Harmony in 1852, serving with only one break, to 1859, when he was her second mate. His First Mate`s Certificate, (No 25.870), was issued at Plymouth and dated 12 May 1862. He was master of PRC in 1869, C Columbus in 1870 and G Peabody in 1877. He drowned off Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada, with the loss of his vessel, in 1877.
  24. Settled in Nova Scotia. Manager 1907-8, Robin, Collas and Company, Eastern Harbour, Nova Scotia; general manager 1920, Lord Brothers, 1 Central Wharf, Portland; then vice-president 1923 and president 1924. Information courtesy of Dr and Mrs Gregory
  25. Two daughters
  26. Farmer of 20 acres at Clubley Farm, St John`s Road, St Helier, 1871
  27. Settled in Bournmouth, England
  28. Grandparents of Walter John Le Quesne, author of The de Gruchys of Jersey, First Edition, (1991) and joint-author with Guy Dixon of The de Gruchys of Jersey, Second Edition, (2000)
  29. Sailor and carpenter
  30. Her brother-in-law, Charles de Gruchy (1825-1890), left a bequest to the Le Boutillier widow of his brother François, in the name of Marie Elizabeth. She was perhaps a second wife of François
  31. Merchant
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