Descendants of Robin de Gruchy (1360)

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Descendants of Robin de Gruchy


This is the de Gruchy master tree from which many subsidiary trees are linked. It was added to the site in 2010 and reviewed and substantially updated and expanded on a number of occasions since then by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes.

In 2023 he adjusted the top of the tree, removing the first two generations, based on the discovery of a 1391 document [1] which has now been shown to have been misread by 19th century researchers.

Dates in early generations must be taken as approximate.


La Chasse, as it has been called since 1847, was partly rebuilt in the late 19th century, but retains many early features

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  • 1 Robin de Gruchy (1360- ) [2]
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy (1400-1477) [3]
      • 3 Matthieu de Gruchy (1430-1502) [4] m Marguerite Poingdestre dit Cosnard (1440- ) daughter and co-heir of Jean, of Maufant, and Guillemine
        • 4 Robin de Gruchy (1460-1533) [5] m Rauline (1470- )
          • 5 Mathieu de Gruchy (1490-1566) [6] m Colette Nicolle (1500-1569) daughter of Jean son of Jean [7]
            • 6 Bernabey de Gruchy (1525-1593) [8] m 1 Clemence Hamptonne (1525-1550) daughter and co-heir of Hostes and Perronelle Messervy
            • 2nd wife of Bernabey de Gruchy, m (c.1552) Colette Bisson (1530-1616) daughter of Pierre of Trinity and Marie Gallichan
              • 7 Collette de Gruchy (1553- ) m George Badier
              • 7 Jean de Gruchy (1555-1634) m Catherine Payn, no issue
              • 7 Pierre de Gruchy (1557- ) no issue
              • 7 Philippine de Gruchy (1559- ) m Jean Journeaux
              • 7 Gilles de Gruchy (1561- ) "fils Bernabey," living 1616
              • 7 Marie de Gruchy (1563- ) m Cosmes Cabot
              • 7 Jeanette de Gruchy (1565- ) m Denis Godfray
              • 7 Thomasse de Gruchy senr. (1567- ) m William Ocqueland
              • 7 Bernabey de Gruchy (1571- ) m (1614, Tr) Marie Chevalier (1575- 1615) [16]
              • 7 Jacques de Gruchy (1574- ) [17] m (1604) Judith Godel (1580- ) daughter of Helier and Collette du Heaume
                • 8 Jacques de Gruchy (1610-1650) [18] m (1642, Tr) Perronelle de Gruchy (1620- ) (see below)
                  • 9 Pierre de Gruchy (1644- ) m Marie (1645- )
                    • 10 Judith de Gruchy (1666- )
                    • 10 Pierre de Gruchy (1670- ) m (1692, Tr) Esther Picot (1672- )
                    • 10 Jacques de Gruchy (1672- )
                    • 10 Nicolas de Gruchy (1674-1676)
                    • 10 Thomas de Gruchy (1676-1676)
                    • 10 Jean de Gruchy (1677-1677)
                  • 9 Judie de Gruchy (1648- ) m (1670, Tr) Clement Sohier (1652- ) (Tr)
                • 8 Barbe de Gruchy (1620- ) m 1 (1651, Tr) Renault Renouf (1620- ); 2 Jacques Le Boutillier (1620- )
              • 7 Thomasse de Gruchy jnr. (1576- ) [19]
              • 7 Noelle de Gruchy (1578- )
            • 6 Noel de Gruchy (1535-1593) [20] m 1, Jeanne Robin (1535-by 1564) daughter of Jean and Perrotine; 2, (1564) Jeanne Langlois (1540- ) daughter and co-heir of Guillaume Langlois of St Laurence
              • 7 Jean de Gruchy (1575- ) m Elizabeth du Feu (1580- ) daughter of Collas of Trinity
                • 8 Jean de Gruchy (1610- )
                • 8 Thomas de Gruchy (1612- )
                • 8 Noé de Gruchy (1615- )
                • 8 Perronelle de Gruchy (1620- ) m Jacques de Gruchy (1620- ) (see above)
            • 6 Richard de Gruchy (1537- ) died by 1564, no issue
            • 6 Colette de Gruchy (1543- ) m 1 Thomas Bisson (1546- ) son of Helier; 2 Regnauld Guillaume (1545- )
          • 5 Thomas de Gruchy (1500- ) [21] m Jeanette Picot [22]
          • 5 Bernabey de Gruchy (1504- ) m Poingdestre (1505- )
            • 6 Raulin de Gruchy (1525- )
          • 5 Perrine de Gruchy (1500- ) m Raulin Le Breton (1500- ) [23]
          • 5 Marie de Gruchy (1506-1565) m Richard Messervy (1502-1554) of Anneville, St Martin
          • 5 Daughter de Gruchy (1508- ) m (1534) Philippe Godel (1500-1570) [24]
        • 4 Giret de Gruchy (1467-1542) m unknown
          • 5 Daughter de Gruchy m Lucas Manyart [25]
        • 4 Guillaume de Gruchy (1471- ) [26] m Colette Machon (1475- )
        • 4 Jeanette de Gruchy (1473- ) m Nicholas Guerdain (1470- ) [27]
        • 4 Bernabey de Gruchy (1479-1548) who settled in Guernsey, (no issue)
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1430- ) m Larbalestier (1430- ) daughter of Michel of Trinity
  • 1 Jean de Gruchy (1362- ) [28]
  • 1 Guillaume de Gruchy or Grouchye (1365- ) liv. 1391. [29]
  • 1 Daughter de Gruchy m Collas Carre, liv. 1391 [30]

Notes and references

  1. This document dated 1391 was a `partage` passed in the presence of Giefrey Brasdefer, Bailiff, John de St Martin and Janequin de la Hougue, Jurats, who added their signatures at the foot of the deed. The signature of Clement Le Hardy had been crossed out, being replaced by that of de St Martin, the reason for which is unknown. All three men were known to have been Jurats at this time. Of interest, is that Giefrey Brasdefer was already Bailiff when the deed was passed. The Revd. J.A. Messervy`s Liste des Baillis, Lieut.-Baillis... de L`Ile de Jersey in ABSJ, IV, 93, has Thomas Brasdefer as Bailiff, 1378-1391, and a gap until 1396, when he first found Giefrey Brasdefer holding that office. It now seems that he was Thomas Brasdefer`s successor in 1391. This deed and others in the hands of the senior branch of de Gruchys, were read by the French heralds in 1836, at the behest of Marshal de Grouchy. It was at that time that transcriptions were made of dates and the parties involved. These were mentioned in J.B. Payne`s An Armorial of Jersey, (Part 1, 1859), 120, and again in Messervy`s Notice sur La Famille de Gruchy (1922). Regrettably, Messervy did not verify the originals, which had passed in the female line, to the Pallots of Beau Desert, St Saviour, and were thus available to him. By 1958, the deeds had left the Island, it was thought perhaps to Canada, and were thus unavailable to the authors of The de Gruchys of Jersey, Volume 2, (2000) who, as a result, had to merely include the 1836 transcription. Their rediscovery in 2023 has led to a revision, both of date and the parties involved in the earliest deed. The parties did not include a "Robin de Gruchy fs Jean", as previously thought, but "Robin de Gruchy... et Jean de Gruchy, Guillaume de Gruchy", and their sister represented by her husband. The inheritance being divided was that of their father, who was not actually named
  2. Mentioned as a party in deeds of 1391, 1420, 1423 and 1437, the other party in the latter two, being Philippe Hubert. Robin was probably a great-grandson of Guillaume de Grouchy, who in 1309 sued Colin de Laundes and John de Barentin hors de la Royaume, which will have been, for Channel Islanders, at the Ecclesiastical court of Coutances, where cases of inheritance were still being heard. Guy Fortescue Burrell de Gruchy wrote in manuscript notes, regarding this action: "re Fief de Gruchy?" This fief had passed to John de Barentin before the mid-14th century but shows evidence of having been divided at an early date. If the action had indeed been related to the fief, Guillaume would seem, therefore, to have been partially successful. The eastern half of what has since been two adjoining fiefs, is called the Fief de la Gruchetterie. It probably remained within the family, only to be lost by 1515 to the then all-powerful de St Martins. Their heirs, the Lemprieres of Dielament and Rozel, are recorded as having always held the seigneurial court of their Fief de la Gruchetterie in the home, now called La Chasse, of the early holders of the fief, namely the family of Robin de Gruchy. He would thus appear to have been Guillaume`s successor. His family owned this property for seven centuries, and from him, all later de Gruchys are descended
  3. Of La Vingtaine de Rozel, Trinity [La Chasse], with land in Maufant, St Saviour, 1471
  4. Macy (Matthieu) de Gruchy "fils Jehan" was mentioned in a contract of 1477 [Thomas Le Maistre Contracts Volume 2 folio 61 - at La Société Jersiaise Library], regarding a debt owed by his late father to the father of Sire John Hue, priest, John Hue. He lived at La Chasse. His Will, dated 1502, included bequests to the Treasurer of Trinity and of several other parishes. He is buried within Trinity Church
  5. Sermenté 1515, Centenier of Trinity 1527-
  6. One of the principal inhabitants of Trinity advising the States on the Island's defences in 1542. In 1540 he had unsuccessfully sued his cousin, Denis Guerdain, of La Guerdainerie, for the return of former Poingdestre land in Maufant, the case reaching the Privy Council in 1541. He lived at La Chasse
  7. Seigneur du Fief Burrey, Constable of St Martin, -1490-1496-. Colette Nicolle`s first cousin François, was Rector of St Saviour, -1530-40: ABSJ VII, 127
  8. Bernabey was for most of his life involved in either debt or legal action against his cousins Guerdain, a situation that was ongoing in 1591. In 1582, the Cour d`Héritage had ordered Bernabey au Chateau en detention corporelle, presumably for debt. A further judgment of the Royal Court in 1593 provided for the sale of chattels as well as land in order to settle Bernabey`s debts, with no partage of his estate being permitted until all his creditors were satisfied. During this period, Bernabey de Gruchy`s landholding at La Chasse seems to have shrunk to 45 vergées from as much as 70 vergées. Satisfying creditors was not easily achieved; the partage had to await until 1616. His son Robin resurrected the case in 1601 but again, to no avail
  9. Messervy, in his Notice sur la Famille de Gruchy, (1920), thought Robin was born about 1547. He may, in fact, have been born in 1546. Trinity registers from this date have not survived, so the date is speculative
  10. Prévôt of St Saviour
  11. Constable of St Mary and Advocate, whose wife was Collette Le Couteur daughter of Bernabey, of Le Marais
  12. Of La Chasse, Profonde Rue, Trinity
  13. Of Le Câtel, Rue de la Falaise, Trinity
  14. Of La Porte
  15. Of La Porte, Ville à L`Evêque
  16. Buried with only child
  17. Of La Profonde Rue, Rozel, Trinity
  18. Of La Profonde Rue, Rozel, Trinity
  19. These last two children were still under age, being under 20 years old, in 1595: case before the Cour d'Héritage (1595)
  20. Of Rozel, Trinity
  21. Built the second or north house, at La Chasse
  22. Among the late Reverend Messervy`s research notes in the former `Hair Trunk` at La Société Jersiaise was a genealogy of what is now 'Tree K' in the second edition of The de Gruchys of Jersey. It agrees with most of the details of that tree, although Messervy missed the middle, second, generation of the three Guillaume de Gruchys. Of particular interest, though, is that Messervy found some evidence (not supplied) of a 16th century marriage between a Thomas de Gruchy and a "Jeanette Picot" The fact he ascribed it to Tree K, whose only Thomas is now known to have married an unknown Morel, is immaterial in the light of the fact that Thomas de Gruchy on this current page (above) is of the same generation and is known to have had a wife named Jeanette. At first thought to have been Jeanette Gallichan, it would now seem likely that she was Jeanette Picot
  23. Of Croiserie, Trinity; father of Sire Helier Le Breton, Regent of St Mannelier and Raulin Le Breton, Constable of Trinity
  24. Of Brasdefer, Trinity, who unsuccessfully sued the Lemprières for the return of the Fief ès Godeaux, 1544/5, [Câtel]. This case was resumed without success by his son Thomas Godel, whose son, named after his grandfather, Philippe, was obliged in 1609 to sell his land and "manoir", being the former Manoir des Augrès, afterwards called Brasdefer, to cover the cost of litigation
  25. Messervy has Lucas Manyart as the brother of Collette, who married Guillaume de Gruchy
  26. Of Vingtaine de Rozel, Trinity, (1523)
  27. Of La Guerdainerie, Rue de La Monnaie, Trinity
  28. Mentioned in a surviving de Gruchy deed, dated 1391, as the younger brother of Robin and elder brother of Guillaume and of an unnamed sister, the wife of Collas Carre
  29. Ibid. He is probably the Guillemet de Grochie who is mentioned, with Rauff (Radolphus) de Grochie, in a deed dated 1402, preserved at the Jersey Archive: L/C/66/C1/2. Both men were of the Vingtaine of la Ville à L`Evêque, Trinity. Their presence in the west of Trinity, and the Christian name Rauff suggests the likelihood that from one or the other was descended the Gruchy family of Augrès (qv). Indeed, Guillaume was likely to have been the Guillaume Grouchye who bought in 1439 two fields on the Fief de la Trinite from Thomas de St Martin. One of these was described as being situated to the north-east of Grouchye`s house. The description matches the vicinity of Champs Clairs, which has long been associated with the Descendants of Rauff Gruchy
  30. Ibid.
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