Descendants of Guillaume de Carteret, 960

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Descendants of Guillaume de Carteret


This is probably the single most important Jersey family tree, because it starts so early, and so many families can connect to the tree via their female lines over the seven centuries covered by the tree. Because of this, the lineage of Guillaume de Carteret has been researched by many family historians, and they rarely agree with each other about the details of the tree.

Sources for the early members of the de Carteret family are notoriously unreliable on dates of birth and death. The dates given here are the best estimates based on a comparison of generally reliable sources on the family’s history. They allow for a plausible sequence of generations but they must all be viewed as approximate. Dates have been amended as further, more reliable, sources became available, but it must be recognised that the majority of online references to the family are based on similar sources, many of which have now been discredited.

There is considerable confusion between sources over the exact sequence of de Carterets in the early generations, and even as late as Sir Renaud de Carteret (generation 14) there is a suggestion that he was not the son of Philippe (1317-1351), but his brother, and a late son of Renaud and Genette Le Gueripel. This is how the tree was previously shown here, but after careful consideration we have decided to change it to the version now shown. It certainly seems more likely that Sir Renaud would have been the son of Philippe, who was 21 at the time of his birth, rather than the earlier Renaud, who was then 50. There is a contract in the library of La Société Jersiaise which indicates that Renaud and Guille de Carteret were brothers and the sons of Philippe, rather than of Renaud

Some sources show Godefroi de Carteret (generation 2) as son of Guillaume, rather than his brother. Although the dates previously given here lend credence to that view, our research suggests that the relationships are likely to be as shown and the date of birth of Godefroi has been adjusted to ten years earlier than previously shown.

It must be born in mind that this tree covers the period for which no church family records are available and dates are based on family documents, wills, land transactions and court records

Much of the information in the footnotes, which were added in 2019, by Mike Bisson, is taken from the history of the de Carteret family in Payne's Armorial of Jersey, and on more recent researchers who have drawn heavily on that history.

However, given the varying views expressed by historians about the accuracy of Payne's work, the descendancy has been subject to considerable extra research, and does not slavishly follow his version

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In common with the majority of our trees, this descendancy has been subject to regular review by site editors and checked against Jersey church records. Trees including French ancestry have also been checked as far as possible against French primary records. It is not always possible to carry out such checks on sections of trees with United Kingdom and/or colonial content

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  • 1 Guillaume l'Oiseleur de Carteret (960-1004) [1]
    • 2 Guillaume de Carteret (980- ) [2]
    • 2 Godefroi de Carteret (981-1047) [3]
      • 3 Onfroi de Carteret (1034-1068) [4]
        • 4 Sir Renaud de Carteret (1063-1125) [5] m Lucia (1070- )
          • 5 Geoffroi de Carteret [6]
          • 5 Sir Philippe de Carteret (1085-1156) [7] m Nicola (de Torigny?) (1090- )
            • 6 Sir Renaud de Carteret (1107-1180) [8]
              • 7 Sir Renaud de Carteret (1140- ) [9]
                • 8. Godefroi de Carteret (1170- ) (probably did not exist)
                • 8. Sir Philippe de Carteret (1180- ) [10] m Anne Macheneuf (1185- )
                  • 9. Sir Philippe de Carteret (1205-1282) m (1234, St O) [11] Marguerite d'Aubigny (1209-1274)
                    • 10. Renaud de Carteret (1235-1264)
                      • 11. John de Carteret (1255- ) m Lucia de Vinchelez (1260- )
                      • 11. Philippe de Carteret (1260-1328)
                        • 12. Renaud de Carteret (1288-1349) m Genette Le Gueripel (1292- ) [12]
                          • 13. Philippe de Carteret (1317-1351) m de Vinchelez (?)
                            • 14. Renaud de Carteret (1338-1381) m Jenelle de St Martin (1340- )
                              • 15. Renaud de Carteret (1365-1461) m Perrinne Marechal (1365- )
                                • 16. Renaud de Carteret (1387-1480) m Jeannette de St Martin (1390- )
                                  • 17. Philippe de Carteret (1410-1475)
                                  • 17. Renaud de Carteret (1412- )
                                    • 18. Jeannette de Carteret (1451-1493) m Michel Payn (1447-1520)
                                      • 19. Raulin Payn (1485-1520) m Perronelle (1489- )
                                        • 20. Margaret Payn (1510- ) m Francis de Carteret (1510- )
                                          • 21. Helier de Carteret (1539- ) m Sarah Dumaresq (1536- )
                                            • 22. Francois de Carteret (1559- ) m Judith Le Febvre, daughter of Germain
                                              • 23 Philippe de Carteret [13]
                                              • 23 Francois de Carteret [14]
                                              • 23 Helier de Carteret
                                              • 23 Sara de Carteret m Michel Lempriere[15]
                                              • 23. Catherine de Carteret (1585- ) [16] m Thomas Bisson (1576-1614)
                                      • 19. Catherine Payn (1491-1549) m Edmond Messervy (1492-1538)
                                        • 20. Jeanne Messervy (1535-1565) m George de Carteret (1530-1566)
                                          • 21. Marguerite de Carteret (1564-1620) m William Le Rossignol (1556-1620)
                                  • 17. Thomasse de Carteret (1424- ) m Philippe Payn (1420- )
                                • 16. Philip de Carteret (1410-1475) m Margaret (Jane?) Newton (1414-1474), daughter of Sir William
                                  • 17. Philippe de Carteret (1432-1470) m Penna de Caux (1434- ) daughter of Perrine
                                    • 18. Philippe de Carteret (1452-1500) m Margaret Harleston (1452- )
                                      • 19. Philippe de Carteret (1474-1486)
                                      • 19. Richard de Carteret (1476- )
                                      • 19. Mabelle de Carteret (1478- ) m Drouet Lempriere (1474-1522)
                                      • 19. Guillaume de Carteret (1479- )
                                      • 19. Pierre de Carteret (1482- )
                                      • 19. Edouard de Carteret (1486-1533) m Marie Sarre (1490- ) daughter of Simon
                                        • 20. Marguerite de Carteret (1514-1532) m Michel Sarre (1496-1539)
                                        • 20. Helier de Carteret (1532-1584) m (1551) Margaret de Carteret (1510- ) daughter of Helier
                                          • 21. Philippe de Carteret (1552- ) m Rachel Paulett (1561-1650)
                                            • 22. Helier de Carteret (1580-1640) [17] m Elizabeth Dumaresq (1589- )
                                              • 23. Sir George Carteret (1609-1679) m Elizabeth de Carteret, daughter of Philip
                                              • 23. Rachel de Carteret (1618- )
                                              • 23. Philippe de Carteret (1620- )
                                            • 22. Sir Philippe de Carteret (1584-1643) m Ann Dowse (1585-1664)
                                              • 23. Philippe de Carteret (1625-) m Ann Dumaresq (1627-1649)
                                            • 22. Sara de Carteret (1589- ) m Elias Dumaresq (1581-1639)
                                            • 22. Susanne de Carteret (1593-1658) m Abraham Dumaresq (1580- )
                                            • 22. Judith de Carteret (1593- )
                                            • 22. Gedeon de Carteret (1595- )
                                            • 22. Elizabeth de Carteret (1597- )
                                          • 21. Amias (Amice) de Carteret (1559-1631) m Catherine Lempriere (1560-1610)
                                            • 22. Edouard de Carteret (1579-1672)
                                      • 19. Jean de Carteret (1486- ) m Catherine du Port
                                      • 19. Helier de Carteret (1477-1561) m Margaret Dumaresq ( -1589)
                                        • 20. Marguerite de Carteret (1510- ) m Clement Dumaresq (1504-1551)
                                          • 21. Collette Dumaresq (1550- ) m Helier de Carteret (1532-1584)
                                          • 21. Philip de Carteret (1552-1594)
                                          • 21. Amias A de Carteret (1559-1631)
                                        • 20. Edouard de Carteret (1518-1601) (illegitimate son of unknown mother) m Margaret (1520-1609) daughter of Marguerite Cowell
                                          • 21. Jean de Carteret (1541-1608) m Judith Quesle (1535- )
                                            • 21. Thomas de Carteret (1579-1647) m Sarah La Couture (1585-1677)
                                              • 23. Elie de Carteret (1618- ) m Lydie Hamon (1615- )
                                                • 24. Olive de Carteret (1652-1724) m Elie Hamon (1659-1721)
                                      • 19. Richard de Carteret (1488- ) m Jeanne Dumaresq (1492-)
                                        • 20. Nicholas de Carteret (1508- )
                                          • 21. Jean de Carteret (1542- ) m Jane Dumaresq (1536- )
                                            • 21. Philippe de Carteret (1575-1640)
                                            • 21. Jean de Carteret (1577- )
                                            • 21. Esther de Carteret (1579- )
                                        • 20. Francois de Carteret (1510- ) m Margaret Payn (1510- )
                                          • 21. Helier de Carteret (1539- )
                                        • 20. Collette de Carteret (1512-1572) m (1550) Philippe Le Couteur (1520-1572)
                            • 14. Guillaume de Carteret (1339-1350)
                        • 12. Jean de Carteret (1290- )
                        • 12. Marguerite de Carteret (1311- ) m Richard de St Martin (1325-1362)
                          • 13. Richard de St Martin (1355- )
                            • 14. Guille de St Martin (1380- )
                            • 14. Gedeon de St Martin (1390- )
                            • 14. Thomas de St Martin (1400- ) m Jennette Le Hardy (1410- )
                              • 15. Thomasse de St Martin (1442- ) m George Lempriere (1430-1515)
                                • 16. Drouet Lempriere (1474-1522) m Mabelle de Carteret (1478- )
                                  • 17. Jean Lempriere (1500- )
                                  • 17. Thomas Lempriere (1514-1583)
                      • 11. Jeffroy de Carteret (1262- )
                      • 11. Robert de Carteret (1264- )
                  • 9. Jean de Carteret (1200- )
                  • 9. Geoffroy de Carteret (1208- )
              • 7 Richard de Carteret (1145- )
              • 7 Philippe de Carteret (1142- )
              • 7 Richard de Carteret [18]
            • 6 Alice de Carteret (1115- ) [19]
            • 6 Philippe de Carteret ( -1156)
          • 5 Onfroi de Carteret (1088- )
      • 3 Mauger de Carteret (1032- )
      • 3 Roger de Carteret (1040- )
    • 2 Jean de Carteret (985-) [20]
    • 2 Pierre de Carteret (988-) [21]

Notes and references

  1. The first of this family of whom connected record is given is Guillaume (Guy) De Carteret or Carterai, who was Lord of the Barony of Carteret, in Normandy, circa AD 1000, and who, from his skill in the chase, was surnamed L'Oiseleur, or the Fowler to Richard II, Duke of Normandy. He died in 1004. He is usually recognised as having two sons, Guillaume, and Godefroi, but some researchers add two further sons, Jean and Pierre. He is mentioned in the Annals of Normandy and also in the Histoire des Croisades, written by Louis de Couis. The family is also mentioned honourably in the chartularies of the Cathedral of Coutances, and those of the abbeys of Fontenelle and Bee
  2. Guillaume succeeded his father in 1004, and took upon him sovereign authority in the Barony of Carteret; this appears in the Annals of Normandy and also in the Histoire des Croisades, written by Louis de Couis. The family is also mentioned, honourably, in the Carticulaires of the Cathedral of Coutances, and those of the abbeys of Fontenelle and Bee, in one of which Guillaume is mentioned as co-Lord with the King of France of the Barony of Carteret, in Normandy. He died without issue, and was succeeded by his brother
  3. Godefroi, or Godfrey succeeded Guillaume, his elder brother (not his father, as suggested by some sources), and founded the Abbey of Fontenelle, on his return from a pilgrimage to a shrine, the name of which does not appear. He participated on the side of Duke William at the Battle of Val es Dunes in 1047, possibly dying there. He had four sons, of whom Onfrey, Onfroi, or Humphrey, and his younger brother Maujeir, or Mauger, accompanied Duke William to England, and fought at Hastings.
  4. Onfrey, Onfroi, or Humphrey, and his younger brother Maujeir, or Mauger, accompanied Duke William to England, and fought at Hastings. They are mentioned by Wace, in his Roman de Rou, in the list of the Norman Barons and Knights- "E de Bohun, le vieil Onfrei, De Cartrai, Onfrei e Maugier, Ki etoit novel chevalier". Onfroi, in his old age, piously bestowed much of his wealth on the Abbey of Fontenelle. He was succeeded by his son, Reginald, or Renaud. Some sources show Onfroi as born in 1042 and dying in Normandy at the age of 58 in 1100. The Domesday Survey and Geld Rolls show a Cartrai, H tenant of the Bishop of Salisbury in 1086. This is but one example of the enormous variation to be found in dates in various versions of this tree
  5. The first de Carteret to bear this name, Sir Renaud is said to be the first of the family to go to Jersey, where he took the western parish of St Ouen by the sword and founded St Ouen's Manor. Although his name is frequently found anglicised as Reginald, he would not have been known by that name. According to a manuscript roll, formerly preserved in the Cathedral of Bayeux, he was present, among other knights, under Robert Courteheuse, and Godfrey De Bouillon, Duke of Lorraine, at the taking of Jerusalem. In 1125, he gave to the Abbey of Mont St Michel in Normandy, the Church of St Germain of Cartrait, with all its appurtenances, and also the land belonging thereto, in Jersey, being the King's Almoyne: he further gave tithe of his household goods "decimal honorum domus mee". He married Lucia, who survived him, by whom he had sons Geoffroi, Onfroi and Philippe.
  6. It is not known whether Geoffroi was the eldest of the three brothers and died before he could inherit
  7. In 1135, he confirmed his father's gifts to the Abbey of Mont St Michel, which, until then, he had repudiated, adding thereto the tithes of his mills, and also two pieces of land adjoining his manor in Jersey. In 1156 he gave to the same abbey - the Abbot, Robert de Thorigny (better known as Robert de Monte) being his kinsman - the Church of St Ouen, with the Chapel of St Mary, both in Jersey. About 1130, in pursuance of a vow made at sea, when in danger of shipwreck, he erected and endowed the parish church of St Philip de Torteval, in Guernsey. He married Nicholaa (possibly de Torigny), by whom he had sons, Renaud and Richard, and a daughter Alice
  8. Knight, Lord of Carteret and of St Ouen, who is styled Baron Carteret in Normandy in 1156. This Renaud is credited on the de Carteret family website with being the Seigneur who sided with King John in the wake of the split from Normandy in 1204. This is incorrect, because Renaud died in or shortly after 1180. It was his son, also Renaud, who had to take the decision whether to return to Normandy or lose his possessions there and remain in Jersey
  9. Previously shown as dying in 1183, but must have lived at least 25 years longer because of two events with which he is connected. 1: On 8 July 1203 on the occasion of the invasion of Normandy by the French, King John ordered Pierre de Préaux, then Lord of the Isles, to cause to be levied by the hands of “Renaud de Cartray”, on the inhabitants of those islands, a reasonable aid for the maintenance of the knights and men-at-arms engaged in their defence. On the final conquest of Normandy, de Carteret continued faithful to the English crown, so losing his estate and lordship of Carteret, with others he possessed in that duchy, which escheated to the French king. 2: In 1207-8, the King having demanded hostages for their fidelity, from the principal men of the island, Renaud de Carteret gave his son Philip, who was committed to the custody of Renaud’s younger brother Richard, then Constable of Winchester Castle. Renaud gave to the Abbey of St Helier one acre and half a vergée of land, as appears from documents relating to the abbey in the archives of St Lo, destroyed in WW2. He had one son Philippe. Suggestions on Wikipedia and elsewhere that he had a second son, Godefroi, who founded Fontenelle Abbey are erroneous. It was Godefroi (1000-1047) who founded this abbey.
  10. In 1207-8, the King having demanded hostages for their fidelity, from the principal men of the island, Renaud de Carteret gave Philippe, who was committed to the custody of Renaud’s younger brother Richard, then Constable of Winchester Castle. He was not in his uncle's charge long, for in 1212 he was transferred to the custody of Philippe d'Aubigné, Warden of the Isles. He accompanied Henry III on his expedition to Brittany in 1230-1. The following year he was, in consequence of the good service he had rendered, constituted, in conjunction with Arnaud de St Amand, Warden of the Isles, by Letters Patent, dated at Reading, 25 October, 1232. Henry granted him two permits to endeavour, albeit unsuccessfully, to reclaim his lands and lordships in Normandy. By a charter, without date, he gave to the Chapel of St Mary de la Wie, and to the monks of Mont St Michel, ibidem Deo servientibus 29 perches of land, adjoining the manor of la Wie. In 1252 he and Jourdan de La Hogue were commanded by the King personally to survey the castles in the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, and to take an account of the state of their armaments, when Drouet de Barentin, Warden of the islands, was discharged from that office.
  11. Dates for this marriage differ wildly from source to source, but it is likely to have been in 1234, when Philippe was 29 and Marguerite 25. Their son Renaud was born the following year
  12. Le Gueripel is probably an incorrect interpretation of an early record
  13. Cromwell's Judge Advocate
  14. Seigneur of Dirvault
  15. Cromwell's Bailiff
  16. May not belong here. Not known as daughter of Francois and Judith
  17. Also found as Elie and Elias
  18. Shown by some sources to have been born in 1098 in generation 6, but unlikely to have been this early, and although there may have been a Richard in the earlier generation, he could not have been the younger brother of Renaud (1140- ), charged by King Henry III to hold his nephew Phillip, as hostage for Renaud, as recorded in the Close Roll in the Tower: 27 Febuary 1208
  19. Shown by some sources to have been born in 1100, but unlikely to have been this early
  20. Doubtful if he existed
  21. Doubtful if he existed
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