Descendants of Francois Hocquard

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Descendants of Francois Hocquard



Rochebois: The 19th century part of the house was built in about 1840 by the successful `cod merchant`, Francis Hocquard (q.v.)

Francisco Antonio Hocquard (1825-1880) This tree was added in 2021 by Guy Dixon

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  • 1 Francois Hocquard (1720?-1761) [1] (St B) m (1749, St B) Jeanne Le Goupil ( -1797) d of Jean
    • 2 Francois Hocquard (1750-1816) [2] m Esther Marett (1744-1839) [3] d of Nicolas and Marie Neel, d of Leonard and Marie Orange
      • 3 Francois Hocquard junr. (1773?-1852) [4] m (1800, St B) Elizabeth Gallichan (1774-1863) d of James and Anne Carcos [5]
        • 4 Francois Jacques Hocquard (1801- ) [6] m Maria Antonia Agell
          • 5 Francisco Antonio Hocquard (1825-1880) [7]
        • 4 Elizabeth Hocquard (1805-1822)
        • 4 Charles Hocquard (1807-1843) [8]
        • 4 Amelia Collings Hocquard (1808-1876) [9] m (1849, St B) James Gallichan, Revd.
      • 3 Esther Hocquard ( -1780)
      • 3 Esther Hocquard (1781-1825) [10] m (1806, St B) Jacques Gallichan [11]
      • 3 Charles Hocquard (1783- ) living 1807
    • 2 Jean Hocquard (1752-1839) [12] m (1782, St B) Marie Bichard (St B)
      • 3 Marie Hocquard (1783-1784)
      • 3 Jean Hocquard (1785- )
      • 3 Philippe Hocquard (1788- 1875) [13] m (1814, St B) Susanne Rive (St B)
        • 4 Jean Hocquard (1815-1887) (St B > Can.) [14] m (1841) Marie Gallie (1822-1889) [15]
        • 4 Philippe Hocquard (1817- ) [16]
        • 4 Susanne Hocquard (1821- ) m (1851, St B) Jean Michel s of Jean (St P)
        • 4 Elizabeth Hocquard (1824-1852)
        • 4 Francois Hocquard (1828- )
        • 4 Anne Hocquard (1831- ) m (1858, St B) Pierre Le Masurier s of Thomas (St B)
      • 3 Francois Hocquard (1790-1865) (St B > USA) [17] m (1818, St H) Elizabeth Jeune d of Clement and Elizabeth Herault (St B)
        • 4 Francois Philippe Hocquard (1821- ) (St B)
        • 4 Jean Hocquard (1823-1897) [18] m 1 (1850, St H) Elizabeth Le Masurier d of Josué (St H); 2 (1865, Toxteth) Jane Hall, née Williams d of William (Eng)
        • 4 Philippe Hocquard (1825- ) died at sea
        • 4 Elizabeth Hocquard (1827-1917) m (1857, Utah) John Carlisle
        • 4 Fanny Sophie Hocquard (1829-1922) m (1852, Utah) Thomas Fields Carlisle
        • 4 Charles Hocquard (1832- ) died at sea
      • 3 Marguerite Hocquard (1794-1870) m Elie Baudains
      • 3 Susanne Hocquard (1795-1876) m George Jeune
      • 3 Miriam Hocquard (1796- ) m (1833, St B) Joseph Mitch (St H)
      • 3 Anne Hocquard (1798-1874) m (1844) Abraham Le Huquet s of Jean (St Mt)
      • 3 Elizabeth Hocquard (1800- ) [19] living in 1851

Notes and references

  1. Francois may have been born in 1725, at St Helier, the son of Thomas Hocquard and Elizabeth Gaudin. However a search in the Jersey Land Registry proved inconclusive and no godparent evidence was found to support this. The name Thomas is noticeably absent among Francois`s descendants. His may have been an omission in some baptismal register
  2. Of Bella Vista Farm, Mont Arthur, St Brelade, Master Mariner. John Jean, in Jersey Sailing Ships (Phillimore, 1982), 146, writes of Francois Hocquard [senr.]: “a successful privateer captain”. Ships he commanded were Admiral Barrington (1790- ), Marquis of Townsend (1801-1803) and Dart (1803-1804). He retired from the sea in 1806, when his gunnery experience gained him a Lieutenancy of Batteries, S.W. Regiment of Militia. He died in 1816, aged 66 years. He was in 1801 described as “Francois Hocquard senr.”, in the St Brelade Register when standing as godfather to Francois Jacques Hocquard, son of Francois junior
  3. Died aged 94 years and 4 months
  4. Of Rochebois, (on to which he built a fine Georgian house), Mont des Tours, St Brelade, Master Mariner, then Merchant at St Aubin. He was perhaps Master of Union (1804-1809) and then was Master of Adventure (1819-1824), which he also owned. From 1824, he was a merchant and shipowner, living in St Aubin but engaged in the Canadian maritime fisheries. Marion G. Turk, in The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, (Detroit: Harlo, 1979), 277-8, records Franois`s ownership, a Crown grant, of 214 acres at Arichat, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where his fisheries were no doubt located. His business, trading with Montevideo, amongst other places, lasted twenty-five years, until 1844. The Francis Hocquard house flag was an anchor upon a white field. Francois Hocquard was Centenier of St Brelade and Lieutenant of Batteries, S.W. Regiment of Militia, in 1829. His burial on the 7 April 1852 gives his age as 78 and Rank/Occupation as “Gentilhomme, Rentier”
  5. See An Armorial of Jersey, 326
  6. Godparents: Francois Hocquard senior and Esther Marett, his wife. Francois Jacques Hocquard entered his father`s merchant house and, in this capacity, was probably his agent in Montevideo, where he subsequently settled. On 26 January 1864, in Montevideo, he established as his procureur Mons Isaac Falla and sold property in St Brelade called La Glinette, purchased by his grandfather in 1797: RP232/187 and RP 84/204, respectively
  7. Of Montevideo, where he had been born, though he died in Paris. In 1870, he sold his grandfather`s home, Rochebois, St Aubin, to John Carrel Esq., the son of another former St Aubin merchant and shipowner: RP 248/182. A short time afterwards, he sold a further house and rentes: RP248/195, his mother agreeing to abandon her dowry. On his death, the Register of St Brelade comments on the 24 January 1880, “mort à Paris”, and gives his age as 54 years and his occupation as “Rentier”— of independent means. He died at Boulevard Haussmann, 118
  8. Lieutenant, S.W. Regiment, RJM (1837-). Charles had probably been in his father`s merchant firm
  9. Her 1st cousin
  10. Buried, aged 44 years at St Brelade, as the “femme Lieutenant Gallichan”
  11. Lieutenant, later Captain, RN
  12. Lived in the Vingtaine of Noirmont
  13. Buried aged 86 years, a “Cultivateur”, Farmer. He had been in 1815 a Soldat in the Militia, living in the Vingtaine of Noirmont: Militia Census, 1815. Hugh Godfray`s Map of Jersey (1849) shows Mr P. Hocquard as living in Ouaisné, which is within Noirmont
  14. Settled in Gaspé, buried at St Peter`s, Papebiac
  15. See Marion Turk, The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, (Detroit: Harlo), 277. Issue of Jean Hocquard and Marie Gallie: Jean (1841- ) married to Elizabeth Scott; Philippe (1843- ); Anne Elizabeth (1846- ); Francis (1848- ); George (1852-1915) and Charles (1858-1921): Information courtesy of Margaret Newman, nee Hocquard
  16. Philippe Hocquard was perhaps the man of this name serving with Jean Hocquard, in the Gaspé Militia, (1850s)
  17. Formerly a Sailor, see below, he settled in Utah, having become a Latter Day Saint, dying in Alpine, Utah, which was by then, in the United States: Marion Turk, The Quiet Adventurers in North America, (Detroit: Harlo, 1983), 284-5
  18. Jean`s occupation is given, on his first marriage, as Carpenter. His father is described as Francois Hocquard, Sailor, of St Brelade, which is given as Jean`s place of birth. By the time of his second marriage to Jane Hall, née Williams, he had settled in Toxteth, Liverpool, and was a Shipwright. His father`s details and his state as a Widower, confirm his identity, although his age on this marriage, had been reduced by two years
  19. Godparents: Francois Hocquard junior and Elizabeth Gallichan, his wife
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