Descendants of Drouet Nicolle (1415-1468)

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Descendants of Drouet Nicolle


Added 2010 and extensively reviewed by Guy Dixon in 2021.

The first three generations of this tree are based upon deeds in the late Miss Julia Marett`s La Haule Archive Collection. The Reverend J.A. Messervy established independently the identity of the father of Francois Nicolle, Rector of St Saviour. The descent then largely follows that published by J.B. Payne, in his Armorial of Jersey (1865), 299 300, to which has been added some of the findings of Mr Pepperell, a Jersey genealogist working in the 1960s, whose papers are now at La Société Jersiaise. However, the descendants of Jean Nicolle senr., fils Thomas, in generation 6, were extracted by Messervy for G.F.B. de Gruchy, in the early 20th century, and have now been added, with supporting evidence from Extentes. Note: Early dates of birth are estimated and have been adjusted to allow for Drouet (generation 1) being of age in 1430

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  • 1 Drouet Nicolle (1400-1468) [1] (St Mt)
    • 2 Jean Nicolle (1430-1499) [2] (St Mt) m Jeanette
      • 3 Jean Nicolle (1460-1541) s and h [3] (St Mt) m Catherine
        • 4 Jean Nicolle (1485- ) (St Mt) m Unknown
          • 5 Thomas Nicolle (1507?-1550) (St Mt) m Marie Dirvault d of Jean [4]
            • 6 Thomas Nicolle (1530- ) (St Mt) m Blesotte ( -- )
              • 7 Thomasse Nicolle (1560- ) m Richard Giffard
              • 7 Matthieu Nicolle (1565- ) (St Mt) m Thomasse Le Breton d of Rogier (Tr)
                • 8 Thomas Nicolle (1595- ) (St Mt) m Rachel Morel d of Martin (Gr) [5]
                  • 9 Thomas Nicolle (1625?- ) (St Mt) m 1 Elizabeth Braye or Brée, d of John
                    • 10 Henry Nicolle (1656- ) (St Mt) m 1 Mary Poingdestre, d of Jacob; 2 Elizabeth Laurens, d of Philip [6]
                      • 11 Henry Nicolle (St Mt) m Jane Laurens
                        • 12 Henry Nicolle (St Mt) m Rachel Le Cras, d of Matthew
                          • 13 Henry Nicolle (St Mt) [7] m Ann Le Feuvre, d and heiress of Richard [8]
                            • 14 Anne Nicolle (St Mt) d and heiress m John Langlois (1794-1833) [9]
                          • 13 Rachel Nicolle (St Mt) m 1 John Baudains; 2 Charles Gruchy
                      • 11 Thomas Nicolle (St Mt) m ( -- )
                        • 12 Henry Nicolle
                      • 11 Philip Nicolle (St Mt) m Rachel Mauger
                      • 11 Mary Nicolle (St Mt) (St Mt) m John Romeril
                      • 11 Elizabeth Nicolle (St Mt) m John Hughes
                  • by the 2nd marriage of Thomas Nicolle (1625?- ) 2 Mary de Ste Croix
                    • 10 Mary Nicolle (St Mt) m 1 Philip Lerrier; 2 Nicolas Le Vavasseur dit Durell
                • 8 Richard Nicolle m Unknown
                  • 9 Daughter Nicolle, (d and h) m Thomas Bisson
            • 6 Jean Nicolle senr. "fils Thomas" (1532?- ) [10] (St H) m Unknown
              • 7 Edmond Nicolle (1555?- ) (St H) living 1607 [11] m Unknown
              • 7 Others (St H)
            • 6 Child Nicolle? (1535?- ) died?
            • 6 Jenette Nicolle (1540?- ) m Pierre Nicolle s of Nicolas
            • 6 Jean Nicolle junr., "fils Thomas" (1543-1589) [13] (St S) m 1 (1565) Catherine Amy (1546-by 1568) d of Francois (Gr)
              • 7 Edmond Nicolle (1565-1617) [14] (St S) m Marguerite Le Clercq (1569- )
                • 8 Elizabeth Nicolle (1586- ) m Jean Godfray (1582-1662)
                  • 9 Drouet Godfray (1607-1662) m Elizabeth Noel (1607- )
                    • 10 Edmond Godfray (1639- ) m Elizabeth Gaudin (1640-1674)
                  • 9 Jeanne Godfray (1609- )
                  • 9 Jean Godfray (1611-1671)
                  • 9 Onfray (Humphrey) Godfray (1613-1664)
                  • 9 Edmond Godfray (1615-1652)
                  • 9 Marie Godfray (1617- )
                  • 9 Anne Godfray (1620- )
                  • 9 Elizabeth Godfray (1629- )
                • 8 Jean Nicolle (1588-1641) (St S) m Martha Le Bastard (1592- )
                  • 9 Jacques Nicolle (1620- ) m Elizabeth Coignant (1625- )
                  • 9 Clement Nicolle (1618-1665) (St S) m Jeanne Coignant (1620- )
                    • 10 Edmond Nicolle (1647-1729) m Marie Nicolle (1640-1715)
                  • 9 Jean Nicolle (1615- ) m Marie Journeaux (1616- )
                  • 9 Susanne Nicolle (1624- )
                  • 9 Edmond Nicolle (1627- )
                  • 9 Noe Nicolle (1632- )
                  • 9 Jeanne Nicolle (1638- )
                • 8 Priscille Nicolle (1589-1590)
                • 8 Mathieu Nicolle (1591- ) (St S)
                • 8 Marthe Nicolle (1593- )(St S) m (1616, Gr) Noë Nicolle (1590-1658 St Mn)
                • 8 Marie Nicolle (1595- ) (St S) ?m Jean Mollet
                • 8 Marguerite Nicolle (1598- ) ?m Jean Horman
                • 8 Clement Nicolle (1601-1676) (Gr) m Susanne Amy (1610-1674)
                  • 9 Marguerite Nicolle (1631-1687)
                  • 9 Clement Nicolle (1632-1699)
                  • 9 Edmond Nicolle (1634-1689)
                  • 9 Philippe Nicolle (1635-1645)
                  • 9 Jeanne Nicolle (1636-1689)
                  • 9 Suzanne Nicolle (1637-1687)
                  • 9 Marie Nicolle (1640-1715) m Edmond Nicolle (1647-1729)
                    • 10 Marie Nicolle (1671- )
                  • 9 Francois Nicolle (1649- ) m Marie Le Marquand (1637- )
            • by the 2nd wife of Jean Nicolle junr. "fils Thomas," Marie Le Marquand d of Raulin, Jurat
              • 7 Thomas Nicolle (1568-1591) m Sybille Askeland
              • 7 Matthieu Nicolle (1575-1637) m Daughter of Jean de Rue
                • 8 Matthieu Nicolle
          • 5 Helier Nicolle, living 1544
          • 5 Matthieu Nicolle m Agnes ( -- )
          • 5 Jean Nicolle m Jeanne La Cloche
          • 5 Barbe Nicolle m John Moor
        • 4 Collette Nicolle (1500-1569) m Matthieu de Gruchy (Tr)
      • 3 Daughter Nicolle (1465- )
      • 3 Drouet Nicolle (1470- ) m Unknown
        • 4 Francois Nicolle (1500?- 1559) Rector [15]
        • 4 Daughter Nicolle m ( -- ) Gaudin
          • 5 Guillaume Gaudin (1530?- ) heir in 1559

Notes and references

  1. Drouet Nicolle was of age and mentioned in a surviving legal document, dated 1430. He was thus probably born about 1400 and his son about 1430, as now shown: Pepperell papers, at La Société Jersiaise, the source probably being a deed in the La Haule Archive Collection
  2. Purchased the Fief Burrey in 1469; Constable of St Martin, -1490-1496- :ABSJ, VI, 137
  3. Sold the Fief Burrey in 1499
  4. J.B. Payne (ed.) An Armorial of Jersey, (1865), 299. Concerning the Dirvault family, the Revd. J.A. Messervy, in ABSJ VI, 305, writes [translated]; "Nicolas Dirvault (or Diruald) was a Juré-Justicier [Jurat] in 1274..The Vingtaine de la Quéruée [in St Martin]..was anciently "la Quéruée ès Dirvaults" or even "la franche Quéruée ès Dirvaults" (1660). At a date as recent as 1755, one said still "le Fief de la Quéruée ès Dirvaults" [Ex. 104, p.209]. It took its name, evidently, from the Dirvault family, formerly important in St Martin, but extinct in Jersey since the end of the XVI century. In 1331, Herbert Dyrvaud, for the Caruée ès Dyrvaus, owed the King an annual rente [charge]. In 1557, Hugh Perrin sold to Hugh Dirvault 100 quartiers of wheat rente. He was without doubt the same Hugh Dirvault ("native of Jersey") who was in 1565 "Merchant at Hmptonne" (Southampton). The Dirvault family seems to have become extinct in St Martin, [in the person of] Marie Dirvault, daughter of Jean, and wife of Thomas Nicolle, grandfather of Edmond Nicolle, who was living in 1600." He then mentions another branch which was formerly established in St Peter, that had left its name to the Fief of La Hougue Dirvault
  5. The descendants of Thomas Nicolle and Rachel Morel are transcribed as seen, from the An Armorial of Jersey, 300, being a genealogy with few dates. However, a few estimated dates have been added, being indicated by a question mark
  6. There is nothing in the Armorial of Jersey to indicate which wife was the mother of some, or all, of Henry`s children
  7. Captain, RJMA
  8. Seigneur of the Fief Luce de Carteret
  9. Of Oaklands, St Lawrence; Captain, RJM
  10. Settled in St Helier
  11. Extente (1607), 51, 56: "Edmond Nicoll, for John* Nicoll in right of his* mother, the daughter of John Dirvat" [Dirvault] owed the Crown annually 2 cabots. He also owed 5 sous [the 1607 cash value of 6 cabots] in right of the same. This furnishes the reader with the name of Edmond`s father, paternal grandmother and great-grandfather. Moreover, the Extente entries below, demonstrate his descendants
  12. Extente (1668), 70: "Thomas Cabot fils Collin [Nicolas] causa mat. fille d`Edmond Nicolle" owed the Crown two annual payments, one of 2 cabots and one of 6 cabots of wheat, that Edmond had owed in 1607. In the Extente (1749), 55, the sum was owed by Nicolas Cabot, fils Thomas, fils Nicolas, fils Thomas
  13. From Court records, Jean Nicolle, fils Thomas, settled "d`auprès de la Hougue"--near La Hougue Bie-- in St Saviour, in which parish his children were mostly baptised. Confusingly, yet in accordance with a practice well-established in 16th and 17th century Jersey, there were, in this same generation, two brothers named Jean within the family, known therefore as Jean senr. and Jean junr., fils Thomas. The former settled in St Helier, the latter, as we have seen, in St Saviour. A third brother, featured in J.B. Payne`s Armorial of Jersey (1865), 299, named Thomas Nicolle, remained in St Martin, where he had descendants
  14. Note: There were two contemporary Edmond Nicolles, who were 1st cousins. The christenings of the several children of this Edmond, in St Saviour, which has an earlier surviving register than that of his cousin`s parish, St Helier, enables their unambiguous identification
  15. Rector of St Saviour, -1530-1540: ABSJ, VII, 127, in which the Revd. J.A. Messervy names his father as Drouet and his principal heir in 1559, as Guillaume Gaudin
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