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Elected members of the States of Guernsey and the States of Jersey


To increase the representative character of the States, Deputies, elected for three years, were added in 1856, one from each country parish and three from St Helier. In 1907 the Town was divided into three Districts, each returning two Deputies. Following the reform of the States in 1948, at which point the Jurats and parish Rectors were removed from the States, the number of Deputies was raised to 28. In 1974 there were further changes to the districts and the total number of Deputies increased to 29.

The current representation in the States is:

Lists of Deputies


The States of Guernsey has 45 members, all People's Deputies, elected by various electoral districts. In addition there are two members from Alderney, which has its own States that appoints two members to represent the island’s interests in Guernsey.

The structure of the States of Guernsey changed on 12 April 2000, with the election of 12 new deputies to replace the old office of Conseiller, which was abolished when it was decided to do away with island-wide elections. States members voted for a second major change in 2003, when the role of the ten representatives of the island’s parish government, the douzaines, was removed.

A Chief Minister is elected as the titular head of the States, and chairman of the Policy Council, which consists of ten deputies who are ministers of the States departments.

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