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Burial records


from Jersey's major

funeral directors - U

This page is part of Jerripedia's index to the most valuable set of records added since church records were released by Jersey Archive to Ancestry in 2016. The index covers the combined records of the seven main funeral directors active from 1820 to the 1970s. This is an invaluable resource, because it brings together all 66,000-plus undertakers' records for funerals at churches of all denominations, plus the early years of Jersey Crematorium. The details included by the seven businesses vary considerably, but most identify the deceased, their next of kin, cemetery of burial and other personal information, as well as an itemised list of the costs of the funeral.

Searches on the Archive website are limited to individual funeral directors' records, but after several months work by the editorial team we have brought everything together in a single index.

This link will take you to the Jersey Archive main index page for the full collection of funeral directors' records. The page will open for everybody, but individual records can only be viewed by Jersey Archive website subscribers

Please note that the amount of information provided varies considerably from undertaker to undertaker and the index has been designed to allow the most important elements of all records to be viewed, particularly for the benefit of those who do not have an Archive website subscription. For those wishing to view the full records on that website the key items are the names of the deceased, the funeral director and the date. They will take you direct to the web page with images of the undertaker's volume containing the record, bypassing the less informative and sometimes incomplete Archive index

Page number Record number Forenames Surname Maiden name Previous
married name
Associated names Notes Year
of burial
Funeral director
157,158 Richard Udney 1923 Sinatt
197b Philippe Antoine Ughetto 1967 Le Quesne
493 Ann Umphelby 24/11/1853 Sinatt
384 Grace Underhill Blight 06/03/1861 Sinatt
439,440 Henry James Underhill 1924 Sinatt
21071 Henry James Richard Underhill 1954 Croad
28 Hugh Underhill 7/12/1854 Sinatt
204 Walter John Underhill 24/12/1857 Sinatt
95 Abram Joseph Unia 1936 Sinatt
83 Christine Gladys Uniacke 1943 Pitcher
143a Christopher Uniacke 1954 Pitcher
259 Unidentified man 14/12/1850 Sinatt
11179 Ada Alexandre Unknown Found child aged 2 years 9 months 1867 Picot
11126 Adeline Gay Unknown Parents unknown 1867 Picot
336b Female infant Unknown 1962 Le Quesne
326a Albert Edward Unsworth Body to UK 1962 Le Quesne
48a Hazel Ruth Upsall Simper 1969 Le Quesne
380a Olive Eleanor Upson née Filson 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
81b Dennis Edward Upton 1946 Le Quesne
344a Edward Ernest Upton 1969 Le Quesne
21973 Rosamond Nadia Suckling Upton Hunt 1958 Croad
11824 Elvina Urban Bisson 1920 Croad
14448 Henry Urban 1929 Croad
98 111 Michel Uretta 1904 Sinatt
128A James William Urquhart 1977 Pitcher and Le Quesne
129b Adolphus Urvoy 1918 Le Quesne
149b Emile Jacques Urvoy 1947 Le Quesne
87a Jacque Marie Urvoy 1917 Le Quesne
17736 Marie Louise Urvoy Nicol 1940 Croad
186b Marie Therese Urvoy Corlay 1953 Le Quesne
14863 Pierre Marie Urvoy 1930 Croad
21842 Victor Urvoy 1957 Croad
540 54 Thomas Maddock Urwick 1873 Croad
21 Gordon Van Reusslaer Usborne 1933 Sinatt
403,404 Alfred Henry Usher 1924 Sinatt
117 John Usher 28/03/1856 Sinatt
5925 Judith Usher delehunty 1858 Picot
495 Mary Usher Hill 10/12/1853 Sinatt
153 Mrs Ussell 17/10/1849 Sinatt
10547 William Jacob Ussell 1866 Picot
11706 Edwin Uttley 1919 Croad
12961 Emma Uttley Hanson 1924 Croad
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