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Ching family
in Jersey


The Ching family in Jersey are best known for the large tobacco factory they owned on Mont Millais, which was taken over by Jersey Post as their headquarters in the 1970s and demolished in the late 1990s to be replaced by housing

This business was started by Edward Ching in Burrard Street, probably early in the 20th century. It was certainly in operation by 1911 when it was featured in the new weekly magazine The Jerseyman. Edward is believed to be the grandson of John Ching, baptised as John Edward in 1869.

John came to Jersey from England in the 1820s, and may have been the brother of three other Chings, who arrived at the same time from Somerset. John (1803- ) married Susanne Norman in 1823, and the marriages of William to Mary Carrel, George to Magdelan Hammon and Nathaniel to Ann Lamont were recorded in 1824, 1825 and 1830. They may also have been connected with Richard, from East Dorset, who married Elizabeth Esther Russel in 1834.

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