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Century House, St John, was built by Capt Amice Le Moignan in the late 1850s. Amice (1831-1872) was the son of Amice and Elizabeth, nee Le Couteur. He was master of the brigantine The Century. In 1856 he married Jane Le Maistre, daughter of Jean and Jeanne, nee Le Moisnan. When their daughter Jane Elizabeth was born later that year he had Century House built for her. It was completed in about 1859. Jane Elizabeth married Philip Henry Le Masurier in 1877. When Philip died he left his two houses to his sons. The elder Philip had La Vallette, St John, and his brother John inherited Century House. John, who became Constable of St John, married Ellen Louisa Mary Banfield, from Kent, in 1909. The couple had no children and Century House was left to Yvonne Marie Francois Rousseau, nee Morin, born in Pledran, Cotes d'Armor. She sold Century in 1970. It was knocked down and another house built on the site, also called Century House, but nothing to do with the ship or the captain. John Le Masurier left Jersey Museum two paintings in his will, one of the ship and the other of Captain Le Moignan
Century in St Helier Harbour
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