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Historic Jersey buildings

Blanche Pierre, St Lawrence


The property has been substantially developed and enlarged since this photograph, which accompanies the Historic Environment Record entry, was taken

This property should not be confused with one of the same name in a road with the same name, but in Trinity

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Property name

Blanche Pierre

Other names

  • Blanche Pierre House
  • Blanche Pierre Farm - a separate adjoining property


Rue de la Blanche Pierre, St Lawrence

Type of property

Mid-19th century rural 'cod house' in classic style


There is some confusion about this property, or properties. There are references in the database of property transactions in recent years to the sale of La Blanche Pierre for £6 million in 2017, Blanche Pierre House for £6.2 million in 2015 and Blanche Pierre Farm for £2.075 million, also in 2015. What appears to be Blanche Pierre House was offered for sale more recently at £7 million. As far as we can ascertain, there are two properties - Blanche Pierre House (or simply Blanche Pierre) and Blanche Pierre Farm

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Blanche Pierre House is a well proportioned early-mid 19th century rural house, modelled in the classical style, retaining original features and character.

Blanche Pierre Farm is a late 19th century former farm building retaining original exterior features and character. Designed originally as a farm house but never completed and used as a store (mostly for potatoes).

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