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Historic Jersey buildings

Belgrano, St Peter


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Property name

Belgrano [1]

Other names

Villa Madeleine [2]


Route de Beaumont

Type of property

19th century detached house

Families connected with the property

Blunt: In 1901 retired Army captain John Blunt was living here with his wife Susan and four children, the whole family born in England

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A good example of mid-19th century villa, retaining historic character and features. Set back from road.

Notes and references

  1. Not, as previously believed, named after the Argentine Navy vessel sunk during the Falklands War. The house had this name in 1901. It was presumably named after the Argentine military leader of the early 19th century, Manuel Belgrano, but why, is not known
  2. We heard in May 2021 from Jackie Robertson, who was born in the basement flat of the house in March 1949 and recalls that it was called Villa Madeleine. 'My parents had met in the RAF in Lincolnshire during WW2 and decided to start a new life in Jersey, where they arrived in 1947. My father went into painting and decorating and my mother had a job at a nearby bakery, where she met her friend Theo who became my Godmother. Her husband George was a Captain on the ships going back and forth to the islands from Southampton. We left Jersey in about 1954 but I have been back various times since. I remember being a little surprised/shocked to see the change of name on the house and have often wondered why and how that came about.'
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