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An unknown Mrs Baudains, photographed in the 19th century

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Mr Baudains with Prince in 1906

Origin of Surname

The name is believed to stem from a Medieval personal name Baudin, from the Germanic baldo means bold or audacious (not 'bald').

If, however, the name is a corruption of Baudoin, Bauydouin, Bauduin it comes from the Germanic Baldwin, which has essentially the same derivation - 'bold friend'.

Early records

The name is found in the Assize Roll of 1309 and in a deed of 1420, in the possession of the heirs of the de Gruchys, formerly of La Chasse, Trinity, in which Colin Baudains, John Baudains and Guillet Baudains, being brothers, all of the parish of St John, are parties. The Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains seven Baudains. Cardin Baudains, who was probably a native of St John, was living in St Martin in about 1465. He married Perrotine Sebire and had descendants in the east of the Island. The family, however, retained links with St John throughout the 16th century.

Recent research, and the 1420 deed, which survives in the private Reynolds/Pallot Collection, therefore point to St John as being the parish of origin, or cradle, from which sprang other branches of the family in St Martin and elsewhere, in Jersey.

The variations Baudains dit La Gerche and La Gerche dit Baudains are found from 1725 onwards. They seem to be interchangeable rather than indicating different branches of the family.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Little is known respecting the origin or descent of this family, although at one time it must have been of consideration in the island, as the names of many of its members in the 15th and 16th centuries swell the roll of the insular clergy. Among them are those of Sire Richard, and Sire Augustin Baudains ; while John Baudayns is mentioned as being one of the four sworn men of St Clement's parish appointed in the Visitation of the State of the Fortifications of Jersey, in 24 Henry VIII.

The family possessed the fief of Guille Payn, from whom it was alienated by marriage in the 16th century, and was enjoyed respectively by those of Sarre and Payn, in the possession of which latter it now remains. In its grounds stood a chapel, one of the precursors of the parish churches, known as the chapel of Augustin Baudains. This has long been demolished, but some of its antique carved ornaments are in existence, being built into the walls of the house that stands near its site, and a massive stone cross formerly surmounted the gable of its chancel.

The munificence of one of its members has kept the memory of his family eternally enshrined in the grateful remembrance of its countrymen. This was Lorans or Laurence Baudains, by some supposed (and correctly) to have been in orders, but by others to have filled the office of schoolmaster of the parish of St Martin. He was a man of substance, and possessed property not only in his native parish of St Martin, but also in several others; and his piety is proved by his will, wherein, among other bequests, he leaves money to repair a chapel in the church of St Martin, the name of which does not appear (" Chapelle tombee et en mal ordre ") ; and his Bible, together with a silver cup and saucer, to the church of St Martin. But the gift by which he is best known, is the one he made of 32 quarters of wheat-rents, with a water mill and its appurtenances (called Denmark Mill, situated in the parish of St Laurence), the proceeds of which were for ever to be applied towards the assistance of young Jerseymen, whose means are otherwise insufficient, in obtaining a university education, to fit them for the service of the Church in Jersey. Many of the most eminent insular ecclesiastics have owed to this foundation the education which rendered their names famous, amongst whom may be mentioned the Doctors Lempriere and Valpy, some of whom, on accepting preferment in England, are said to have refunded, with a justice that redounds to their credit, the sums which they had received from this beneficent and pious bequest. This, however, was only a part of the original plan of the donor, which had for its primary object the foundation of a college, which would provide for the youth of the island the curriculum of a mathematical and classical education ; this idea, unfortunately, the bounty was not sufficient to carry out. For the proper distribution of "Baudain's gift", 13 governors or trustees were appointed by patent, l0 September 1610. These governors, whose number is kept intact, by filling up death vacancies, were, and are, chosen from the most influential and talented of the Jersey gentry.

Baudains left collateral, although no direct descendants, whose families are still in existence. Curiously, his wife survived his death but by a day :— They were buried in the same grave, in the churchyard of St Martin, 28 June 1611. His house, situated in that part of the parish of St Martin known as La Ville Bree, still exists.

Arms: (on the seal of "Baudain's gift") Azure, a sun, in its splendour, or, impaling on the dexter side the arms of the island. Legend : " Gouv du don de Baudains, 1611."


  • Baudayns
  • Baudayn
  • Bauden
  • Baudin - common in Normandy today, but also appears on Jersey gravestones
  • Boudin is not a variant, but a separate family
  • Baudyn
  • Baudet (see Bosdet)
  • Baudains dit La Gerche
  • La Gerche dit Baudains

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Family businesses

Michel Baudains was issuing his own banknotes in 1813, describing himself, as did many other individuals, as 'Jersey Bank'. There was no such organisation. £1 was then worth about £50 at today's values

Family homes

1420 family deed

A Baudains and de Gruchy family deed, dated 1420, establishing the Baudains` early residence in St John (courtesy of Mr Herb Reynolds of Calgary, Alberta).

Transcription: A tous ceulx qui ces presents letter Vront ou orront, Thomas Danyel ballif en Lisle de Jers. Sous Noble et Puisst Prce Monssr le duc de Bedeford, comt de Rychemonde et de Kendall, conestable d`engleterre et tss ses pties, saluts, sachent tos q lan de gce myl cccc [surmounted with horizontal line indicating abbreviation, being “t” for cts or “cents”] XX, le jour du Samedi pchn avant la feste Saint [...] furent psent en Jugement a St helier p devnt nos, c`est assavoir Robin de grouchy dune ptie et Colin baudein, Joh baudein et Guillot baudein de la poesse de Saint Joh dautre, les qls baudeins freres, de leur pure Volontey Vendirent cedent et delesserent affin de htage de celle et de leurs hrs au dit Robin et son hrs chinc caboteaux de fo[r]ment de Rente desqls chinc le dit colin [payera?] ii caboteaux le dit John I cab. et le dit Guillot ii caboteaux apprendre et a Recepvoir sur la mason de dit Guillot baudein p le p[ri]ce de xxv frans a Vin et Vente...

Translation: To all those who will see or hear [read to them] these present letters, Thomas Daniel, Bailiff in the Island of Jersey, Under [the] Noble and Powerful Prince [Plantagenet brother of the King], the Duke of Bedford, Count of Richmond and Kendall, Constable of England and all parts[thereof], Greetings; Know everyone that, the year of grace one thousand four hundred and twenty, the day of the Saturday after the Feast of Saint [....], were present in judgement [justice] at St Helier before us; namely Robin de Grouchy, of one part, and Colin Baudains, John Baudains and Guillemet [Guillot] Baudains of the parish of Saint John, of the other [part], the which Baudains brothers, of their own pure will sell, cede and abandon ownership for good, on their parts and of their heirs, to the said Robin and his heirs, five cabots of wheat rente [annual income], the which five the said Colin [will pay?] two, the said John one cabot, and the said Guillemet [Guillot] two cabots, to be taken and received at the house of the said Guillemet Baudains, for the price of 25 francs, [a glass of] wine and sale [completed]”. There follows a proviso guaranteeing the wheat and payment. The deed is witnessed by two Jurats [magistrates], Clement Le Hardy and Pierre Le Loreour.

(transcript: Guy Dixon)

Family album

Constable John Baudains, of St Lawrence. A 1949 painting by Edmund Blampied which hangs in the parish hall
Two sets of twins on a Baudains farm in 1954

Which Elias/Elie?

These pictures, said to be of Elias Josue Baudains, his wife Jane Amy, and their son Francis, were sent to us together with a brief family tree and some supporting documentation. We have been unable to confirm the tree, and we are uncertain about the identity of the father.

We have an existing family tree - Descendants of Edouard Baudains - which shows Elie Josue Baudains (1826- ), son of Elie David Baudains (1800- ) and Elizabeth Lea Marett, married in St John in 1858 to Jeanne Hamon (1832- ). Their only child was Adolphus Elie Baudains, born in 1864. Our database includes the baptism of Elie Josue in St John.

The submitted tree shows Elias Josue Baudains, born about 1826 in St Peter, married to Jane Amy in St Saviour in 1855. The record of this marriage shows the groom as Elie, son of Jean. Elie/Elias are shown in the tree as having children Elias John (1857- ), Jane Louise (1858- ), Frederick (1859- ), Emilie (1865-1949), John (1868- ) and Francis (1869-1942). Their parishes of birth are given as St Helier, St John, St Helier, St Lawrence, St Peter and St Peter, respectively.

The only baptism we can find is for Emilie, but there is also a baptism in 1863 of Philip Francis, son of Elie and Jane. We have not been able to find any record of the father's birth, but the marriage record suggests that he was Elie, not Elias Josue. We suspected that he and Jane were not the parents of all the children shown in the submitted tree, but there is an 1881 census return for the family showing Elias and Jane, with children Elias John, Frederick, John and Francis, and an 1871 census showing Jane with children Elias, Frederick, Jane, Emily, John and Francis. The father Elias was shown as a seaman in 1881, so presumably he was at sea when the earlier census was taken.

So it does appear that this Elias Baudains was a different person from Elias Josue, born in the same year, and is presumably the person in the photograph below.

The Bisson family at Les Fougeres in 1920. Amelie, nee Baudains (1842-1928) on the right, was the wife of Daniel Bisson, and mother of Lucy, Raoul, Eunice, Daniel, Rosa and Phoebe


Family gravestones

Click on any image to see a larger version. See the Jerripedia gravestone image collection page for more information about our gravestone photographs. Images of gravestones in other cemeteries will be added progressively


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