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Battle of Jersey

A page of pictures in the Illustrated London News to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jersey

Because it was not only the last battle on Jersey soil, but the last on British soil, the anniversary of the Battle of Jersey is understandably still commemorated to this day. But celebrations have been intermittent, concentrating on major anniversaries, until relatively recently, when there has been a revived interest

The Battle centenary parade in the Royal Square

Royal recognition

The 50th anniversary of the Battle in 1831 was marked by Royal recognition of the role which the Jersey Militia had played on 6 January 1781. King William IV ordered that the island's militia should become known as the Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey.

The Centenary in 1881 was celebrated with a grand parade in the Royal Square, ceremonial arches and all the pomp and ceremony which Victorian Jersey could muster. The Illustrated London News carried a full report of the proceedings, with photographs.


Another major celebration was held in 1981, 200 years after the Battle. A number of island schools contributed to the celebrations, a memorial service was held in the Town Church and a grand banquet was held at Hotel l'Horizon.

After a gap, a number of commemorative events have been held in the 21st century, including re-enactments of the Battle in the Royal Square and ceremonies in Grouville, the parish where the French invaders landed and where the final act of the invasion was staged with a battle between English and French troops at La Rocque.


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