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Aylmer Mackworth Drake (1872-1941), Jurat


Birth and Education

Aylmer Mackworth Drake was born on 17 May 1872 in Veryan, Cornwall.
Educated at Marlborough School, he came to Guernsey in 1894 when he became interested in the growing industry.


He married Maud Caroline Durand on 21 June 1900. They had three children; Francis, Dorothy and Havilland.


Drake became a grower and a partner in the firm of Wetherall, Drake & Co Ltd of Monnaie de Haut, St. Andrews.
He also emerged as a leading figure in the Guernsey Growers Association, and, in 1912, only two years two years after the formation of the GGA, representations made by the committee resulted in additional cargo steamers being placed on the Guernsey-Southampton/Weymouth services.
During his tenure as GGA president, Mr Drake rose from the position of Deputy of the People to that of Jurat of the Royal Court on 8 February 1933.
In his later years he also held the office of Lieutenant Bailiff and occasionally sat as Acting Magistrate and Judge.
On 22 June 1940 he was appointed member of the Controlling Committee for horticulture; a post he held until May 1941. He chaired the Glasshouse Utilisation Board in the early stages of the war.
He was President of the Committee on Divorce and sat on many other committees, including the Board of Administration, Natural Beauties (Vice President), Ecclesiastical, Insurance Authority, Law of Succession, Compensation for War Risks, Income Tax Authority (Board of Commissioners), and Bathing Pool.


Aylmer Mackworth Drake died in Guernsey on 12 October 1941.


Obituary, Guernsey Evening Press, 13 October 1941

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