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Albert Victor Dorey (1896-1987), Jurat

Albert Victor (“Vic”) Dorey was born on 27 May 1896 in St. Sampson’s to Elise (née Leale) and her husband, grower Philemon Fleure Dorey. As a child, Vic experienced the trauma of his mother’s suicide in 1900. His father remarried and the family moved to Oatlands Farm.



In 1915, Vic volunteered for the Guernsey contingent of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, (D Company, 7th Battalion), in which he served to the rank of corporal. He transferred to the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry in March 1918.
On 17 March 1919, he was commissioned as a Temporary 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry.

Marriage and Family

On 23 August 1922 he married Christine Johns. They had two children; Nancy Louise (1926) and Adrian Herbert (1932).


Like his father and many of his family and Dorey relatives, Vic Dorey had a long career as a tomato grower. He ran the Domarie Vinery on Les Sauvagées Road, St. Sampson’s. He was also manager of the large Balmoral Vinery at La Vrangue.

World War II

Vic and his wife arranged for their children Nancy and Adrian to be evacuated to Scotland in June 1940.
During the Occupation Vic was the St. Sampson’s agent for the Guernsey Active Secret Press, the illegal press service run by Mr Ludovic E. Bertrand from June 1942 to the Liberation. Bertrand circulated typed copies of news-sheets to locals and foreign workers from the GASP distribution centre at T. Moullin’s cycle shop. Bertrand noted down the B.B.C. news and Reginald Warley typed them up on tomato packing paper, after which the agents distributed them. These news-sheets reached the Bailiff and other officials through Irwin Sims, a printer at The Star and his wife Madeleine, who worked in the Bailiff’s office.

Post-war career

In December 1945, Vic was elected a director of the Fruit Export Company.
Vic was elected Jurat of the Royal Court in 1961 and retired in 1971.
In 1958 he took over from Percy Dorey as chairman of the Fruit Export Company, retiring twenty years later, in 1978, and succeeded by John Graham Dorey.


Albert Victor Dorey died on 1 August 1987, at the age of 91.

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