A gallery of Francis Foot photographs of the Jersey Battle of Flowers

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Francis Foot Jersey Battle of Flowers photographs

Among the most prolific photographers of early Battles was Francis Foot, perhaps better known for his shop in Pitt Street, selling, among many other things, early phonographs.
His HMV dealership sign, painted on the Dumaresq Street wall of the property, has recently been restored to its former glory.

From 1905 to 1920 Foot was a regular visitor to the Battle on Victoria Avenue and many of his pictures survive in a collection held in La Société Jersiaise's photographic archive.

Foot's pictures are notable for their depiction of the people involved in early events.
The first photographs of the Battle of Flowers from 1902 onwards concentrated on general views of the arena and the audience.
later photographers were more interested in the spectacular floats which gradually came to dominate the event.
Foot, however, homed in on the participating adults and children, without whom there would have been no carnival.

Individual dates for the pictures below are not known but all are believed to have been taken between 1905 and 1920.

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