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Evening Star


Evening Star was one of the largest ships built in Jersey

Evening Star stern

The barque Evening Star, which was a ship of 847 tons, one of the largest built in Jersey, at Edward Allen's shipyard on the eastern side of St Aubin's Harbour, made her maiden voyage to Australia on 22 August 1854 with 200 emigrants. She was owned by Jean Le Bas from 1854 to 1858 and was under the command of Capt de Ste Croix on her maiden voyage, arriving in Port Adelaide on 24 November after her three-month voyage.

She was the third vessel recorded as sailing direct from Jersey to Port Adelaide, the Maria having made the journey in 1851 and the Syren in 1853. However, it is not clear whether these two ships were also built in Jersey and how many passengers they carried.

Les Chroniques de Jersey report

This is a translation of a report in Les Chroniques de Jersey about the Evening Star:

"Since her arrival in the Old Port of St Helier (old South Pier) the Evening Star has been visited daily by a crowd of the curious who have come to admire the beautiful and grandiose proportions of the colossal ship.

Visitors are particularly struck by the elegance and comfort of its 36 foot long vast salon with it's polished walnut furniture, its four suspended lamps, its movable-back chairs and the spaciousness and good ventilation of its cabins, which are situated on both sides of the ship.

When standing in the magnificent salon (main hall) one feels, despite one's self, that onr could undertake a voyage to Australia aboard the Evening Star if powerful considerations did not attach us to our native soil.

The steerage level, where a large number of carpenters are busy building cabins for the Second Class passengers, is very large and well ventilated and will easily be able to accommodate at least 150 passengers.

The Evening Star will easily carry 1,400 barrels. Its cargo, which is being loaded each day, will consist mainly of various merchandise which has already arrived from England and Guernsey. It is expected that this ship will be ready to depart in 15 days.

We observed a large piano in one of the larger cabins towards the bow adjacent to two other cabins in which new communicating doors have been opened. These two cabins have been retained by an Army Colonel, a current resident in Jersey, who is traveling to Australia with his family."

Regular charters

The Evening Star was charted by the Shaw Savill Line and made regular voyages to Australia, returning with a cargo of wool, and she also carried emigrants from English ports. She sailed from Gravesend to Auckland, New Zealand, arriving on 21 October 1858.

The Australian People, by James Jupp records that more islanders travelled on ships from UK ports.

"In addition to earlier arrivals, Channel Islanders landed from at least three ships in 1848-49, six in 1853 and seven in 1854, including the Evening Star from St Helier, Jersey, and the Pestonjee Bonamy from St Peter Port, Guernsey".
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